Source: The Corydon Democrat

October 17, 2013 | 09:19 AM

I wish the county highway department could take over highway 62 between Edwardsville and Corydon? The chip and seal coating that the state put on that road shows that INDOT-Southeast is going to do as little as possible to maintain the highways in this part of the state. It has created a mess for the residents along this stretch of highway. Doing nothing to the stretch of highway would have been a far better option and saved taxpayers money. Tourists who travel to Corydon on this highway are making comments about how this part of the state is going back to the 80's in how it maintains it's state highways. People are being encouraged to go to the Indiana Government website and leave a comment for the Governor, Lieutenent Governor and INDOT-Southeast on the results of this project to let the state's leadership know the residents' dissatisfaction before INDOT does this to other state highways in our area.