Source: The Corydon Democrat

October 02, 2013 | 10:08 PM

Last night I attended the budget adoption meeting to see for myself what was going on. Emotions were running high to say the least. I've never seen anything like it. The were what seemed to be 2 ladies that were looking to pick a fight. One lady was asked to leave 3 times because of the interruptions. I notice & observed they would not let the board address one question before they were throwing out another.
I've been following this on here & listening to people talk so I wanted to go & see for myself. It seems to me you need to take the emotion out of it & deal with the facts. I sympathize with the situation. However, with that being said, I was rooting for the seniors until one of the citizens stated to take money out of the poor relief & allocate to the seniors. That there were no poor people in Spencer Township. I thought to myself, "they really did not say that!"
Poor relief is a neccesty. These people have had to humble themselves to ask for help for their families. This money, to my understanding, helps to pay their rent (to keep shelter for their children), helps to pay their electric or gas (to keep their children warm on cold nights), help pay the water (so that they may be able to cook, bath, drink, etc). Now I ask which should come 1st? The citizens & this article state they will still get a meal. The citizens & this article state that its about the interaction & social action. It my opinion needs come before wants. I was rooting for the seniors until I heard this. I must say that that 1statment did show a side of entitlement. You had me up until that point.