Source: The Corydon Democrat

October 02, 2013 | 10:54 AM

"..I always follow up on PTSD stories from the fact I live it myself. Although not in the Service, I was struck down with PTSD from a Traumatic Surgery in 2006 when I left the Earth due to Surgeons cutting an Artery, then woke up in Surgery when I was being cut open....I live PTSD every day in this World. It has changed my Life, not only for the bad BUT for the GooD.I have witnessed to People with the same issues, and become more Physically Fit because Exercise in any fashion keeps the mind from falling. PTSD is tricky...hard to understand, and I have been discriminated against because of this disorder, mainly bye people that think you can just shake it off. It does not happen that way. Recently I found that my stitches in my abdomen are letting go, so this month I have to go into Surgery again to repair what has came undone. So old memories come back, BUT this time I will be prepared. I have been called wacky, crazy, a bum, and many other names just because I look normal but suffer BUT there is this big scar which nobody can see inside my brain..... So I carry on....Live another Day.....and know that God in my Life helped me through all of this. I hold no fault, I forgive the people which misunderstood. I realize ignorance brings out prejudice, and I will conquer this and a Better Day will come. Thank you D.Stiner