Source: The Corydon Democrat

September 27, 2013 | 09:41 PM

Some things to consider when reading this article:
According to Ms. Dubois this is the only facility LifeSpan pays to use.
o Do they get other facilities for free?
o Why can't the people using the Frenchtown facility shift to LifeSpan's facilities in Corydon and New Salisbury?
Ms. Dubois is quoted as saying the number of diners increases to 60 on bingo days.
o Wouldn't this generate income to offset expenses and create a solution to this financial problem?
o Doesn't this increase in the number of people on bingo days create more expense for Spencer Township's budget?
Ms. Dubois is quoted in the article saying ". . . considerable maintenance work has been done recently that included air conditioning, stove and ice maker."
o Aren't these items being used daily by LifeSpan at this facility?
LifeSpan and Spencer Township has had a contract since December 29, 2009. This is approximately 3 years of continuous use of these appliances for anywhere from 20-60 people by Ms. Dubois' estimates.
o Wouldn't reasonable people expect maintenance costs for this kind of use?
Ms. Keply is quoted as saying "Some (seniors) are not going to get a square meal."
o Doesn't LifeSpan deliver? According to the first paragraph in the article Mr. August Smith used to deliver meals to shut ins for LifeSpan.