Source: The Corydon Democrat

September 27, 2013 | 04:41 PM

This building was built for fire protection of Spencer Township residents & also as a voting place for them. They were having to vote at Unity Chapel which was located in Jackson Township. I have talked with members of the fire dept. those trucks are plugged in but only use electric when the batteries are running low. Now wouldn't you want those vehicles up & running when you need to call 911?
Mrs. DuBois has stated that they have people coming from all over Harrison & Crawford county. So I ask why should my tax paying dollars of Spencer Township pay for people in not only surrounding counties, but also other townships? Why are you the people asking your township trustees from, Jackson, Blue River, Harrison, Morgan, etc., to pitch in & pay?
You also ask for money to be appropriated to the senior meals. Well townships don't do that. If they did then they would have to do that for all age groups!
Why has no one questioned LifeSpan? What are they doing with all the money they collect from these meals if they don't pay rent anywhere else?
Let's face it they elderly will still get their meals delivered to their homes & if you want to socialize invite people over. If you want free health classes the hospital offers them all the time. It is just a simple case of you feeling entitled!
Shame on you for spreading untruths about Mr. Satterfield! For telling people not to do business there! It's every American citizens right to voice their opinion, but don't threaten or slander them on a personal level!