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Good questions
July 01, 2009 | 12:14 PM

I try to avoid labeling anyone -- today's issues are complicated and folks are doing the best they can -- and we're all busy just trying to live. These days we also tend to be too disrespectful of one another which causes us to shut down and not listen to anyone except whoever agrees with us.

From the previous post has excelent questions: "As Joe said, did man have something to do with the global warming trend that started thousands of years ago? Where was the industry, emissions, etc. that according to the ideas of global warming supporters caused the ice age to end? Could it be something else such a natural cycle our Earth is going through? Even if the global warming trend is caused by carbon emissions, etc., can we really stop it? Shouldn't there be more research, thought and examination done to determine the cheapest and most effective measures to take to clean our earth, if that is even possible?"

The answer is that they have all been thoroughly studied and examined. But in looking for the answers, one has to use the filter of the referreed journals. Much of the stuff you read on the internet from those claiming these questions have not been answered does not survive scrutiny by those who've done the research that survives expert review. For a good start for the science and economics I'd recommend:

It is important to know that when it comes to science, there is a long established process and arena where ideas are argued and tested. Those disputing the contribution of human activity on climate change are working (for the most part, not always) outside of this process. Until they work within the process, all they accomplish is to confuse people. They know the rules of the game in science -- they simply chose to ignore them. They are like a boxer who trash talks the current champ, but then refuses to get in the ring and fight face to face. They claim its a rigged fight, but whoever disproves this theory would be a hero -- the fight isn't fixed. Their refusal to play by the rules should make folks wonder why.