Source: The Corydon Democrat

June 30, 2009 | 05:58 PM

I have not read this new bill. But based upon the past and present, in particular, I can guarantee there is a lot of bs and some good in this bill. But, as we are seeing with the O'Bama administration, bs depends on a little good. I wonder if Kevin has read the whole bill. I wonder how many politicians who voted and remain to vote on this bill have read, understand, and have had time to properly and accurately verify all the scientific data, cost affects (both present and future), and truthfulness of all aspects of this bill? I find it appalling that something so big and costly is being tossed around like a basketball from court to court. Where are those who are real and intelligent enough to take the time to look at the big picture as well as every detail before tossing around ideas, theories, and money that affect our children, our families, our way of life, and our well-being? Until the government proves that every detail in the cap and trade energy bill is necessary, no one should be voting on it. Not only have they not proven that everything in the bill (including hidden agendas) is necessary to ultimately sustain life on earth. But I can guarantee a large percent, if not all our government officials voting on this bill right now don't even understand half of it, much less know the effects, costs, and details of everything in it. Again, with the handling of this bill, the government (currently being run by Democrats) has proven to be careless, thoughtless, agenda-driven, and determined to ruin the future of our country, our children, and our life. The government is using their cry for the "plight of Earth" to take advantage of the American people. and we have are letting them succeed.

I have no problems taking steps to help protect our Earth and the environment. No one loves nature and the beauty and powers of the Earth than I do. I have often times felt the healing powers of nature by simply surrounding myself by the beauty of a forest, waterfall and creek, fields, etc. I am not denying measures should be taken to help protect our Earth. However, just as with the hasty and pork-ridden "stimulus plan", I fear this cap and trade energy bill could do more harm than good in the short run as well as the long run. How could it not when all the failures of the government and those in charge of this country are hastily trying to pass it into law with no thought to exactly what they are doing? Without understanding everything in it?

As Joe said, did man have something to do with the global warming trend that started thousands of years ago? Where was the industry, emissions, etc. that according to the ideas of global warming supporters caused the ice age to end? Could it be something else such a natural cycle our Earth is going through? Even if the global warming trend is caused by carbon emissions, etc., can we really stop it? Shouldn't there be more research, thought and examination done to determine the cheapest and most effective measures to take to clean our earth, if that is even possible?

From religion to science and government, I will never understand the waste and havoc reaped by the haste of man and the waste of the human mind. If you are like me and want to take the time (no matter if a lifetime) to use the thinking skills God or our Almighty Being/Creator has given us to thoroughly examine theories and ideologies, you are labeled negatively. You are seen as sitting on the fence and at the same time sitting on the wrong side of the fence! You are a racist (because you are against an African American President). You don't care about our Earth. You are a dreamer. You are a pacifist. Some of our greatest and most important philosophers were labeled negatively, some even lost their lives because they took the time to give the brains God gave us to think things out before acting or believing something was the "truth".

Tonya Bays