Source: The Corydon Democrat

Cap & Trade? Is it Global warming or Climate Change?
June 29, 2009 | 10:58 AM

Did you realize that this cap and trade legislation that so importantly addresses the 'concerns' has provisions in the bill that require your home be inspected by a government official prior to you, the owner, being able to sell it. The home must meet certain 'environmentally friendly standards' before being approved for sale. Since it is so easy to sell homes these days, the government just wanted to add a little hoop for homeowners to jump through before cashing out all of the profit they have in their homes. And since there is so much profit to be made selling your home, you will need to make the appropriate changes to the home to make it meet the standards as set forth in the bill before closing can occur - say replacing all of the doors and windows, ac, water heater, electric unit, and on and on. Oh yeah, we, the taxpayers, must pay for this additional oversight.

There were additionally, no representatives that read this bill prior to the vote in the house? Would you spend money you don't have on projects that have no proven track record without reading the prospectus or contract? Then why are we so hastily rushing to action?

I don't disagree that we all need to be more environmentally friendly, but there is a better way. This bill will cost jobs and will make us less competitive to the nations of China and India - who do not and will not abide by Kyoto, and are the largest nations on the planet and will one day surpass the US in energy consumption - when competing in the ever more global economy, not to mention that many key scientist differ and plain disagree with the theories, and they are that, just theories. One key scientist in Japan referrred to global warming as the biggest scam of all time.

And I ask, if this is such an important issue to the likes of Al Gore, then why is his carbon footprint so much larger the George W. Bushes? Their personal residences are on opposite ends of the environmentally friendly spectrum - opposite ends of what the media would have you believe.

One writer above makes the correct statement, let's leave it to the scientists to debate, and not just those scientists with whom we agree!