Source: The Corydon Democrat

4 seek District 3 commissioner seat

April 01, 2014

Four men — two Republicans and two Democrats — hope to be the next District 3 Commissioner of Harrison County, including the incumbent, Jim Klinstiver.

Klinstiver first would have to defeat first-time challenger Mark Stewart. The winner in the May 6 Primary Election would then face either former county commissioner Terry L. Miller or his challenger, Roger D. Wooten Sr., who are seeking the Democrat nod to be on the Nov. 4 General Election ballot.

Below are the candidates’ exact responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper.

Name: Terry L. Miller

Address: Elizabeth

Contact information for voters:; cell 812-972-4780; home 812-969-2398

Family: Married to Tana 43 years; children, Travis Miller, Desley Snyder, Noelle Miller

Education/Occupation/Political experience: South Central Junior-Senior High School; served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force, served machinist apprenticeship, L&N Railroad, journeyman machinist; retired superintendent of a water company; Democrat precinct committeeman Taylor Township; former county commissioner

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I believe that county government should be responsive to the citizens. I care that the roads are not mowed in the summer. I care that snow is not removed as quickly as possible. I understand that people need to be able to get to their jobs on time. This county has the resources to move forward, not fall backward.

What do you see as the pressing issue(s) of District 3 and how would you address the issue(s)? (in 200 words or less): I think the biggest issue in District 3 is the lack of leadership. I have a record of accomplishments as a county commissioner. I will provide the leadership to get the Third District back on track.

Name: Roger D. Wooten Sr.

Address: Central

Contact information for voters: 812-732-4051, 812-267-5733

Family: Dorris Wooten, 8 children

Education/Occupation/Political experience: North Central High School, Ramsey, Class of 1966; scrap dealer, auctioneer, all-season clean-up service

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): Because I don’t agree with the way the county is spending the riverboat money. We need to be more conservative with it because one of these days the license will be transferred elsewhere and the money will be gone or reduced.

What do you see as the pressing issue(s) of District 3 and how would you address the issue(s)? (in 200 words or less): Roads need a lot of improvement, potholes, trees, brush trimmed back; probably need to hire tree trimmers to do this. Equal money should be spent over the whole district. Tax revenue is down so need to compensate to work on roads.

Name: Jim Klinstiver

Address: Laconia

Contact information for voters: 812-737-2788;

Family: Wife, Dixie; daughter, Kimberly

Education/Occupation/Political experience: Elizabeth school 1-12, U of L 1 semester, IUS 2 semesters, Purdue 2 semesters; employed by Indiana Highway Commission 1961-2003 (42 years) (estimated and supervised the construction of at least 100 bridges and several miles of roads and other related projects); lifelong farmer (fifth generation); Indiana National Guard 6 years; Harrison County Commissioner District 3, Harrison County Plan Commission 35 years, Harrison County Board of Zoning Appeals 32 years, Harrison County Solid Waste board 3 years, Harrison County Regional Sewer District board 3 years, Harrison County Community Services board 3 years, Child Protective Services 3 years, George Rogers Clark Land Trust board 8 years, Harrison County Farmland Preservation Task Force since 1997, Elizabeth Lions Club (charter member) 10 years, Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County 6 years; owned and operated 7 semi-tractors and trailers in 48 states for 15 years; have a Class A CDL driver’s license, Pesticide Applicator Permit and an Indiana Plumber Contractor License

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): My background is my motivation.

What do you see as the pressing issue(s) of District 3 and how would you address the issue(s)? (in 200 words or less): The commissioners’ duties include building and maintaining roads, bridges, sewer systems and solid water disposal, as well as adding value to our natural resources before we export them out of the county. This is great for jobs, and we build our own economic engine. I am retired and have been a full-time commissioner. I have the length, width and depth background which gives me a volume of experience that I will use to build a better future for Harrison County. It is a volume of experience projected through the present and into the future. I will use my business and Chamber experience to find creative ways to bring sustainable jobs to Harrison County. Serving on the plan commission helps me to have a vision for the future development of Harrison County.

Name: Mark A. Stewart

Address: Elizabeth

Contact information for voters: Phone 812-969-3480; e-mail

Family: Married to Deneen; son Logan (15) and son Lucas (11)

Education/Occupation/Political experience: South Central Junior-Senior High graduate, 1984; Bachelor of Science in business, Indiana University Southeast, 1992; Master of Divinity, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2008

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I have lived in this southern Harrison County community for most of my life, from childhood through my adult years. I want to see every family in this area have opportunities to succeed. I want to see our communities made stronger through services and infrastructure. I have enjoyed what our county has to offer in my life; now I want to help ensure that future families have that same opportunity.

What do you see as the pressing issue(s) of District 3 and how would you address the issue(s)? (in 200 words or less): One of the issues that needs to be addressed at any level of government — and Harrison County is no exception — is stewardship of the taxpayers’ money. The commissioners are public servants, and we need to remember that the budget is not some arbitrary sum of money on a page but represents people’s hard-earned money. It should be spent wisely and appropriately and never used for self-serving projects or services. I am a Christian first and that guides my stewardship of resource, as well as all decisions I make in my life. A foundational issue for government is that the elected officials need to remember that they are public servants for the people. If elected, I will serve the needs of the people to the best of my abilities and encourage others to do the same. One of my life verses from the Bible says to “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourself. Jesus teaches me to live in this way, and I will apply that principle to the office of county commissioner as well.