Source: The Corydon Democrat

SH trustees add to executive sessions

January 21, 2014

The South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees will have an extra 30 minutes of executive session ó only if needed ó after a unanimous vote on the matter Jan. 7 at the Edmund (Ed) F. Schneider Administrative Center.

Departing from a normal start time of 7 p.m., the executive session started at 6:30 that night.

During new business, the board had just voted on the executive and regular board meeting calendar for February 2014 through January 2015 when trustee Shelly Romero said that she liked having the extra time for discussion during executive that evening.

Dr. Neyland Clark, superintendent, told Romero many school boards are opting to have shorter executive sessions and that having a longer session could be perceived by the public as the board trying to be less transparent.

Romero made the motion that the board adjust the meeting schedule to start executive sessions at 6:30 as needed, with the public meetings staying with their original start time of 7:30. Karen Lopp seconded, and the motion passed, 6-0 (trustee Vickie Engleman was not present due to being hospitalized).

As has been the norm, meetings for the coming year will be the first Tuesday night of each month with the exception of Novemberís meeting, which will fall on the night of the General Election. The November meeting will take place the following Tuesday night.

Also, the 2014-15 school calendar was adopted, with comparable dates to this yearís school calendar.

Earlier in the meeting, a vote was held for reorganization of the board. Mary Mathes will remain president, with Larry Hauswald being voted as vice president and Joyce Bliss being voted as secretary.

During the superintendentís report, Clark noted that a special executive session would take place the following day for the school board to review applicants for the position heíll step away from at the end of the current school year. Clark has been superintendent at South Harrison for 17 years.