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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 10:21 PM
Issue of October 29, 2014

There's a new terrorist in town

My Opinion

There is a new name in terrorist town, and it threatens to eclipse that of the infamous Taliban. Boko Haram. It is a name that six months ago was just a whisper on the horizon but, in recent weeks, has become all too commonplace as more than 270 young women and girls were kidnapped from homes and schools in Nigeria....more >>

Shields invaluable to Lewis & Clark

Celebrating Statehood

Harrison County pioneer John Shields proved invaluable to the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition. Upon the return of the Lewis and Clark expeditions, both leaders praised Shields' contributions: William Clark noted, " ... The party owes much to the injinuity of this man, by whome their guns are repaired when they get out of order which is very often."...more >>

Recent Opinions
Veterans deserve better than V.A.'s been giving
My Opinion
June 03, 2014
The recent furor over delayed care at Veteran Administration hospitals ultimately brought on the resignation of the organization’s secretary, Eric Shinseki, last week. ...more >>
State needs improving for military retirees
My Opinion
May 27, 2014
A website called recently created a list of the best and worst states for military retirees in honor of Memorial Day. Normally, these type of rankings shouldn’t elicit more than a passing glance, but Indiana’s place on the list warrants a closer look. ...more >>
Creating a community for a lifetime
May 27, 2014
“Historic downtowns have the potential to provide great amenities — shopping, housing, services, activities — conveniently located to each other.” ...more >>
Areva worth the wait
My Opinion
May 20, 2014
It is often said that some things are worth waiting for. There’s a lot of truth to that; however, sometimes one can give up hope of ever seeing something they long for come to fruition. ...more >>
Maximize the hidden talents in each of us
Community conversations
May 20, 2014
Have you had the opportunity to read Time magazine’s May 5 issue that presents “The 100 Most Influential People” of 2014? ...more >>
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