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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 10:35 PM
Issue of October 29, 2014

Celebrating Hoosier farmers

My Opinion

For most, celebrations of National Agriculture Day conjure up scenes of a farm family around a dinner table, a tractor planting corn or schoolchildren visiting a hog farm....more >>

Today's reality calls for change

Community conversations

It amazes me that every spring the wind transforms the scruffy landscape of winter into a clear vision. It is as though Mother Nature uses her wind-broom to sweep away all the debris. Out my farmhouse window, I can see for miles through the leafless trees. Everything looks level, cleared and mowed. Maybe it is this phenomenon that stirred the first homemakers to do their "spring cleaning."...more >>

Recent Opinions
Dreaming of the county's future
My Opinion
March 18, 2014
For the past several weeks, we have been soliciting you, our readers, for your thoughts about how you would like to see Harrison County in the next 20 years. ...more >>
Time to do something encouraging
My Opinion
March 11, 2014
Live Wire. Those two words provoke either a “Love it” or “Hate it” response. There isn’t much middle ground. ...more >>
Creating a thriving community
Community conversations
March 11, 2014
I remember talking to a newly hired young Main Street manager in Carmel about 20 years ago. At that time, Carmel, located just north of Indianapolis, consisted of an old movie theater, an antique store and a grocery store surrounded by newly built subdivisions. ...more >>
Public access should be protected
My Opinion
March 04, 2014
It was a year ago that I wrote about a couple of proposed bills that would have threatened the public’s easy access to information by allowing government units to place public notices on the Internet instead of in their local newspapers. While those bills went nowhere, similar pieces of legislation have been introduced this session. ...more >>
Streets provide snippet about town
Celebrating Statehood
March 04, 2014
Did you know there are amazing stories waiting to be discovered along the streets of historic downtown Corydon? ...more >>
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