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Sat, Oct 25, 2014 03:48 AM
Issue of October 22, 2014

Time for candidates to debate issues

My Opinion

If there's one thing all Hoosiers can share pride in, it's our tradition of feisty political independence. The two Republicans in the U.S. Senate were preceded by Democrats, and Mitch Daniels, a Republican who is wrapping up eight years...more >>

Challenging and charging China

Community conversations

Wow, have I had my eyes opened. I just spent three weeks in China. Sure, I realized before my trip that many Indiana jobs had been outsourced to China because of its low labor costs. ...more >>

Recent Opinions
Be an informed voter
My Opinion
October 02, 2012
As the yard signs and bumper stickers can attest, the Nov. 6 General Election is fast approaching and is now almost exactly one month away. ...more >>
School trustee's comment insulting
September 25, 2012
When interviewing Hoosier basketball hero Damon Bailey for this newspaper 15 years ago, I asked him if he ever grew tired of being yelled at by then-IU basketball coach Bobby Knight. Bailey said that, with his coach, you had to listen to what was being said and not how Knight said it. ...more >>
The danger of drought
Community conversations
September 25, 2012
More and more I realize that the drought of this summer was indeed traumatizing. It affected our agriculture and, thus, our food prices. It caused watering bans in the cities and loss of work for those in landscaping services. Trees were turning brown in mid-summer, and garden shops were facing high water bills coupled with loss of sales. The grass in Indiana looked like the sands of the Sahara Desert and crunched with each step. And, as you know, it was hot, hot, hot. ...more >>
Council flips script with raise
My Opinion
September 18, 2012
The Harrison County Council, in a surprise move last week, agreed to give all county employees a 2-percent raise. ...more >>
School's jersey ruling absurd
My Opinion
September 11, 2012
A Colorado school took things a tad too far last week when an 8-year-old third-grader was ordered to remove his Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey because of its perceived street-gang affiliation. ...more >>
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