Source: The Corydon Democrat

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Operation DAD rounds up delinquent child supporters

by Ross Schulz

June 17, 2014

It turned out to be a not-so-great Father's Day for a number of people in Harrison County as the Harrison County Prosecutor's Office and Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. executed Operation Deadbeat and Delinquent (DAD) Sunday night and early Monday morning.

In a multi-county, multi-state round-up, the prosecutor's office signed 55 felony arrest warrants for parents alleged to be delinquent on child support.

"A lot of these guys said you're going to have to put me in prison to make me pay a dime," Prosecutor J. Otto Schalk said to the officers gathered at the sheriff's department before the operation began late Sunday night. "So, let's make that dream a reality."

The amount of money owed to children in Harrison County from the 55 warrants totaled nearly $900,000.

Delinquent payments ranged from $2,500 to up to $59,000 per person.

"There's considerable amounts out there," Schalk said.

And while it was nicknamed Operation DAD, the round-up also included a number of mothers who are allegedly delinquent on payments.

"It's appropriate on Father's Day for Operation DAD to go into effect," Schalk said. "I can't think of any better time for it to go into effect."

More than 20 of the alleged offenders were arrested Sunday night/Monday morning, with more coming in throughout the day Monday. Schalk said he expected to have all of them in custody by the end of the week.

The operation began late Sunday night with Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. Capt. Brad Shepard dividing sheriff's deputies into teams and passing out warrants to go find the delinquent offenders. Within an hour, the department had brought in 10 targeted individuals. The first, from Clark County, was brought in at about 10 p.m. Many of the targets were out-of-county or out-of-state, so it was a multi-county, multi-state coordinated operation.

"This is important to us, important to the kids," Schalk said. "I certainly think it's worth all the resources and time we've put into this."

Schalk said his office began working on the project months ago and that he could certainly see similar operations in the future.

Those arrested during the operation include Keith Armistead, William Lee, Marks Reas, Kalin Rhoads and Steven Smith, all of Corydon; Timothy Beanblossom of Laconia, William Cash and Maria Spear, both of Leavenworth; Gregory Coats, Twyla Knight and Jacky Tsiaourus, all of New Albany; Norman Davis and Joshua Kepley, both of New Salisbury; Jesse Farnsley of Lanesville; Troy Gaines of Marengo; Heather Kemp of Clarksville; Robert Ladd of Mauckport; Johnny Mathes of Depauw; Angela Rainbolt of Jeffersonville; Jason Reagan of English; Anthony Thompson of New Middletown; Christopher Tuell of Mitchell; Gary Wynn of Indianapolis; and Dawn Strohrigl of Lexington, Tenn.