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Kid's DentisTree takes root from Mortenson

by Bobby Shipman

June 10, 2014

Dr. Larry Phillips works on Trace Slaten, 6, while Trace watches "Curious George" on a ceiling-mounted TV at Kid’s DentisTree in Corydon. Photo by Bobby Shipman
A new dentistry offering specialized care recently planted its roots in Corydon.

Kid's DentisTree, one of six child dentistries to sprout from Mortenson Family Dentistry since 2005, treats children (as young as 4 weeks old) and special-needs patients.

"Where there's areas of high decay and non-fluoride water, you see a much more abundant level of decay," Dr. Larry Phillips, a pedontist at Kid's DentisTree, said. "In a general practice, it's very difficult to deal with that because of sedation and ability to go to a hospital and get the patients a general anesthesia."

Kid's DentisTree, a full-time practice, also provides "prompt" emergency treatment.

"Originally, (pediatry) was done by specific dentists that were more acclimated towards working with small children, and it was the American Society of Dentistry for Children," Phillips said. "That became defunct when specialty training evolved."

Phillips received post-doctorate training through a hospital program at the University of Kentucky.

Mortenson Family Dentistry opened its doors in 1979 and since has grown to add specialty groups such as oral care and pediatric groups.

Dr. James Elias, the general dentist at Mortenson, said the intent is to keep patients within their companies from birth to old age.

"Life-time care is what we like to call it," Elias said.

Prior to expansion, Mortenson Family Dentistry referred patients to nearby specialty care clinics when their services were not tailored to the patient's need, which risked patients "falling through the cracks" and never returning.

"Now, we get to walk them next door or down the hall and it's really nice," Elias said. "It's a great service for the patient because the closest children's dentist is in New Albany."

Kid's DentisTree also provides amenities to keep children occupied during their visit such as a play area in the waiting room and a ceiling-mounted television, which children can watch while the dentist works on their teeth.

"The children become so immersed in the TV," Phillips said.

This keeps them from moving around or worrying about what is being done, he said.

"(Kid's DentisTree) has a good structure for referral systems and following up, as far as other dental needs within a dental community," Phillips said. "In our situation, we are able to follow up on those referrals and make sure our patients' needs are not neglected, or by accident, omitted."

Kid's DentisTry is located at 2086 Old Highway 135 NW. The phone number is 812-572-4999.