Source: The Corydon Democrat

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Store allows smokers to shift to 'vaping'

by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor

March 04, 2014

Chris Lee shows a variety of "juices" available at his new store, Shifter’s Vapors, in Corydon. Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor
A new Corydon business offers smokers an alternative to tobacco products as well as e-cigarettes.

Shifter's Vapors, located at 116 E. Chestnut St., offers "juices" in a variety of flavors that can be inhaled through a clearomizer.

"I'm trying to give people an alternative," said Chris Lee of Mauckport, who owns the store with his wife, Rhonda.

Lee, 36, a native of Harrison County and Navy veteran, said he smoked cigarettes for 20-plus years. But, when his granddaughter was born last year, he didn't want to expose her to second-hand smoke. So, he tried traditional e-cigarettes that contain nicotine before turning to "vaping."

"All e-cigarettes did was just make me want a cigarette," he said. "Vaping seems to last longer, too."

According to Lee, vapor e-cigarettes produce no second-hand smoke, contain no carcinogens and have no cancerous effects.

There is also a cost-savings, he said.

A carton of cigarettes costs "about $40 to $60," he said, while an equivalent 15-milliliter bottle of juice runs $6.50.

Shifter's Vapors initially is offering seven flavors, including tobacco, fruit and candy, and will expand slowly up to 20 to 30 different ones. Lee will eventually offer some of his own brand; two of his own mixes were set to arrive this week.

Starter kits, available for $19.99, include a case in a variety of colors that match the vaporizer, a clearomizer, battery, charger, needle-tip filler bottle and a suction-cup stand.

Lee said it's a good idea to clean out clearomizers when switching juices or have one for each flavor.

Lee said Shifter's Vapors' Facebook page (Shiftersvapors) will provide customers with coupons and specials.

Lee said he cannot sell vapor products to persons younger than 18.

T-shirts, souvenirs and gift certificates are available for purchase, and the store has a seating area for anyone who wishes to linger. Coffee is also offered.

Shifter's Vapors is open 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. seven days a week. For more information, call 812-734-1211.