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Former trooper sentenced

by Alan Stewart

January 07, 2014

A Plainfield man who had resigned from the Indiana State Police days before a drunken incident in which he entered the Byrneville home of Gary and Brenda Shaw — and pointed a gun at Brenda Shaw — was sentenced Thursday afternoon in Harrison Superior Court.

Raymond Hunt Jr. was found guilty by a jury in November of Class B felony burglary and Class D felony residential entry, criminal recklessness and pointing a firearm at another person, along with Class A misdemeanors of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and criminal trespass. The only initial charge Hunt was found not guilty on was confinement.

Superior Judge Roger D. Davis sentenced Hunt to six years on the burglary charge, a year on the residential entry and a six-month sentence for OWI, partially suspended from one year. The sentences will run concurrently, meaning Hunt will serve a prison sentence of three years with good behavior. His driver's license also will be suspended for one year, and there will be no probation imposed once the sentence is completed.

"I spoke with Gary and Brenda, and, it's like I told them, there are no winners in this case," Harrison County Prosecutor J. Otto Schalk said. "His sentencing isn't going to take away the fear that they have at night or the fear of not locking their doors. The sentencing he received was fair in light of the circumstances surrounding the case."

Schalk went on to note that the jury was not told that Hunt was a former state trooper.

"The justice system was blind to his occupation, so this is definitely a win for the justice system," Schalk said.

Brenda Shaw said the entire situation is "awful." She also said she's happy the entire ordeal is over.

"My heart is breaking for his family, but I'm happy it's over with for us as well. I wouldn't want to go through what they are going through right now, but, the night we went through, I wouldn't want them to go through what we went through," she said after the hearing. "My heart is breaking for (the Hunt family) but I'm scared, too. I'm praying for them.

"(The incident) was a nightmare. I was praying to God that it wasn't the last memory of me for my grandkids of watching me get shot," she said.

During a statement that was read in court, Shaw said that, as a Christian, she had forgiven Hunt for what he did, but she would never forget what happened in October 2012.

Prior to the three-hour sentencing hearing, the defense called several family members and Hunt's employer to the stand as character witnesses. All of the family members described Hunt as a good, caring person and expressed surprise as to what Hunt did.

Hunt's mother, Tamela, said she had received a phone call from police who were at Harrison County Hospital asking if her son was on any type of medication. She said several times that they must have the wrong person.

When asked if he had any statement for the court, Hunt stood up and said he was sorry for everything.

"I'm sorry for that night ... and for what happened to the Shaw family," he said.

Hunt's attorney, Brad Johnson, acknowledged that his client drove under the influence of alcohol and went on the Shaws' property but stopped short of the felony charges as there was no criminal intent while Hunt was under the influence. As he argued during the trial, Johnson continued to stress that the person inside the Shaw's home wasn't Raymond Hunt. It was his body, but it was not Raymond Hunt the person, Johnson said.

After Davis read the verdict, Hunt was given the opportunity to hug his supporters before being placed into custody of the Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. and taken to the jail, where he will await transport to the state penitentiary.