Source: The Corydon Democrat

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Chamber program offers spending bucks

September 24, 2013

The Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County has a new program for the benefit of Harrison County consumers and Chamber members alike, called the Harrison County Chamber Buck$ Program, which promotes keeping money in Harrison County.

Chamber officials believe the program will help drive local dollars to the community. Chamber Buck$ are as good as cash and may be used to purchase everything from groceries to gifts and even paying bills, all in Harrison County.

"They are great for gifts, employee bonuses and incentives/rewards," Lisa Long, Chamber president, said.

Anyone can purchase the Buck$, which are essentially a gift certificate.

The program helps promote participating businesses through advertising on the Chamber website (, community website and in Chamber publications. The business name is also promoted on each Chamber Buck$. A special icon ($) is used next to the business' name in the Chamber directory in "This is Harrison County" and on the Chamber's online directory.

"For Chamber member businesses, the benefit is in receiving local spending, supporting the Chamber and our initiatives and, hopefully, growing their business organically," Long said.

When a business receives Chamber Buck$ as payment from a customer, there's no paperwork to complete; business personnel only need to drop off the redeemed Buck$ to the Chamber, and then, within two weeks, the Chamber will reimburse the business 95 percent. The Chamber keeps 5 percent to cover supplies, administrative costs and promotions.

A one-year expiration date on Chamber Buck$ encourages redemption.

Chamber Buck$ can be purchased from the Chamber office at 111 W. Walnut St. in Corydon. Recipients redeem the Buck$ using the entire amount (no change given) to purchase goods or services, choosing from one of the 100-plus Chamber members participating who are listed on the face of the Buck$.

Chamber Buck$ can be purchased in any denomination, with a $5 minimum, and can be personalized at the buyer's request, making it an easy gift option, Chamber officials said.

For more information about the program and to learn more about the benefits and how to participate, call the Chamber office at 738-0120.