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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 02:44 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014

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Read Ross
County government gives beat writer Ross Schulz so much to write about, it can't ALL possibly fit in the newspaper, so we've made room here for that and whatever else he wants to blog about.

Election will heat up with contested races

May 08, 2014 | 10:10 AM

While the Primary Election, for the most part, was void of excitement in Harrison County, if the numbers are any indication, it's going to be a hotly contested General Election in November.

First off, in 2010, Jim Klinstiver and Terry Miller completed a close race, with the challenger, Klinstiver, pulling out the victory by less than 500 votes. Now, it'll be Miller playing the role of the challenger coming after the incumbent Klinstiver.

And, in two county council races that saw uncontested primaries, the votes cast for candidates provide a foreshadowing of possibly close races in November, keeping in mind that 350 more voters asked for Republican ballots (2,812-2,462) this spring.

Incumbent District 2 Councilman Gary Davis collected 552 votes and challenger Donald J. (Donnie) Hussung pulled in 542.

If that's not close enough, the incumbent in District 3, Councilman Gordon Pendleton, collected 403 votes compared to the 404 garnered by his Republican challenger in the fall, Holli Baker Castetter.

In Council District 1, Democrat challenger Kyle S. Nix outdistanced two opponents with a total of 543 votes, while incumbent and uncontested Republican Phil Smith garnered 484.

All these races, and others, should make for an exciting Tuesday night in November.

In response to inquiries about the uncontested races, here are the vote tallies for local races not mentioned above where the candidates were guaranteed a place on the Nov. 4 ballot (for each office, the Republican candidate is listed first followed by the Democrat candidate):

Superior Court Judge — Joseph L. (Joe) Claypool, 2,076 votes; Roger Dale Davis, incumbent, 1,977 votes.

Prosecutor — J. Otto Schalk, incumbent, 2,288 votes; Rachael Armstrong, 1,796 votes.

Auditor — Karen S. Engleman, incumbent, 2,240 votes; no Democrat candidate.

Treasurer — Debra S. Dones, 2,169 votes; Leisa J. Emily, 1,789 votes.

Sheriff — Rodney (Rod) Seelye, incumbent, 2,416 votes; Carl Attwood III, 1,680 votes.

Assessor — no Republican candidate; Lorena A. (Rena) Stepro, incumbent, 1,912 votes.

Blue River Township Trustee — no Republican candidate; Michael Beyerle, 143 votes.

Boone Township Trustee — Linda King, incumbent, 181 votes; no Democrat candidate.

Franklin Township Trustee — no Republican candidate; John (Bill) Lyskowinski, incumbent, 304 votes.

Harrison Township Trustee — Donna Payne, 527 votes; Cecil Trobaugh, incumbent, 492 votes.

Heth Township Trustee — Teresa Eschbacher, incumbent, 93 votes; no Democrat candidate.

Morgan Township Trustee — Debra Ray, 151 votes; Fred A. Uhl, incumbent, 185 votes.

Posey Township Trustee — No Republican candidate; Steven E. Smith, incumbent, 158 votes.

Taylor Township Trustee — No Republican candidate; Wayne Gettelfinger, incumbent, 37 votes.

Washington Township Trustee — No Republican candidate; Kathy Ragains, incumbent, 33 votes.

Webster Township Trustee — Isaac Dean Brown, 103 votes; Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, incumbent, 75 votes.

Township advisory board races allow voters to select up to three candidates. The top three vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, will be elected to a four-year term.

The number of votes received by candidates who were unopposed in the Primary are:

Blue River Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Fred Churchill, 103 votes, and Michael L. Smith, 78 votes; Democrats incumbent Imogene (Imy) Berkenmeyer, 113 votes, Richard Smith, 97 votes, and incumbent Thomas C. Black, 92 votes.

Boone Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Kevin A. Crosier, 151 votes, Shelia Beanblossom-Jackson, 140 votes, and incumbent Jessica Terry, 139 votes; no Democrat candidates.

Harrison Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Lester K. Rhoads, 488 votes, and incumbent Maurice F. Fisher, 433 votes; Democrat incumbent Geneva E. Sams, 478 votes.

Heth Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Gary W. Wiseman, 69 votes, and incumbent Gerald Jacobs, 65 votes; Democrat incumbent Betty Jenkins, 51 votes.

Posey Township Advisory Board — No Republican candidates; Democrats incumbent Chris Cunningham, 139 votes, Susan May, 127 votes, and Deonne R. Duncan, 107 votes.

Spencer Township Advisory Board — Republicans Annissa Kellum-Reas, 141 votes, Ray E. Saylor, 110 votes, and Belinda Smith, 104 votes; Democrats Kathy Goldman, 200 votes, and Phyllis (Smith) Patterson, 148 votes.

Taylor Township Advisory Board — Republican incumbent Pam Wate, 51 votes; Democrats incumbent Donald Stewart, 30 votes, and Gene Stewart, 30 votes.

Washington Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Stefanie J. Bliss, 35 votes, and Joanna Barks, 29 votes; no Democrat candidates.

Webster Township Advisory Board — Republicans incumbent Oren L. Chumley, 83 votes, and incumbent Joey Rosbottom, 79 votes; Democrats, incumbent Daniel Thomas McPhillips, 67 votes, Rhonda Smith Wiseman, 64 votes, and Stephen F. Bachman, 61 votes.

There were two uncontested candidates — Bruce Hawkins, a Republican seeking the Spencer Township trustee position, and William A. Rowett, a Republican vying for a seat on the Franklin Township Advisory Board, whose vote total were not included in the newspaper article about the election results. Hawkins received 143 votes, and Rowett garnered 297 votes.

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