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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 11:48 AM
Issue of October 22, 2014
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Corydon junior Garett Ross (83) turns upfield as Perry Central's T.J. Lamon (37) and Ryan Hanan (26) attempt diving tackles. Ross would later score his team's only touchdown of the night. (Photo by Alan Stewart)

Perry spoils Corydon's opener

Commodores rush for 381 in 43-6 victory; Panthers look to NH

August 27, 2008 | 08:38 AM

Since the 2004 season, Perry Central has outscored Corydon Central by an average margin of about 36 points.

Top Cats
Who will win Friday's Big Cat Classic?
The law of averages held up Friday night in the lid-lifter for both clubs as a powerful ground game by the Class A No. 6 Commodores powered the squad to a 37-point victory, 43-6.

Perry Central rushed for 381 yards as junior T.J. Hall gained 167 yards on 26 carries, scored two touchdowns and kicked five extra points. Senior B.J. Farmer caught two passes, both for touchdowns of 34 and 39 yards.

But despite a few letdowns on both sides of the ball — and three turnovers — Corydon head coach Jason Timberlake said he saw many positives in the loss.

"You can never be happy in a loss because you want to win them all, but I was extremely happy with the effort we got tonight. It's like we told the kids, when there's no effort, there's no hope and you are doomed to fail," Timberlake said. "Last year when something went against us, we'd be done. Our heads would hang and we'd be done. I didn't see that tonight, and neither did Perry's head coach. He told me the one thing he saw out of the team tonight that he didn't see last year was fight and that we never quit."

Perry Central scored on its first possession of the game, marching 65 yards in 10 plays. On fourth-and-four, Farmer caught the first of his two touchdowns on blown coverage by the Panthers. In fact, another receiver was in the vicinity and could just as easily have made the catch and score.

"We gave up two scores on simple go-routes and gave them 14 points. You can't give a team like Perry Central 14 points," Timberlake said. "I'm not exactly sure what happened there, but we'll look at the tape tomorrow and get it corrected."

The Commodores stretched their 7-0 first-quarter advantage to 22-0 by halftime and 43-0 by the end of the third period.

Corydon posted its only points of the game on the contest's final drive.

Taking over at the Commodores' 49-yard-line, 6-0 junior running back Seth Rennirt carried the ball four straight times for 30 yards to take the ball to just inside the 10-yard line.

That's when starting quarterback Richard Armstrong connected with junior Garett Ross for a nine-yard strike as time expired, setting the final score at 43-6.

The Panthers rushed 31 times for 92 yards and gained 28 yards through the air, with Armstrong going 5-15 with a second-quarter interception.

Rennirt led the offense with 44 yards rushing, followed by 16 from sophomore Brandon Dunaway, 15 yards by Ross and 13 by Tyler Jones. Michael Beauchamp had four kickoff returns worth 78 yards.

Defensively, junior linebacker Josh Haase had eight tackles and two assists, senior Tyler Bube had six tackles and three assists, sophomore Tyler Jones had six tackles and one assist, and Dunaway and senior Steve Albin had five tackles apiece. Dunaway and freshman Jackson Wilkerson had an interception apiece, Dustin Springer had a sack, and Albin had a fumble-recovery.

In the second quarter, Panther junior Dylan Harl had to be taken off the field on a stretcher with what Timberlake described as a neck injury.

"He could move his arms and legs and extremities, but the paramedics wanted to be careful and put the neck brace on as a precaution, which is a good thing," Timberlake said. "Right now, we don't have a status on him, but what I got was that he's going to be OK."

Timberlake said Friday night's loss would only be on his players' minds until 9 a.m. Saturday, when the focus turns to county-, conference- and sectional-rival North Harrison, which comes to Corydon on Friday for a 7 p.m. kickoff for the annual Big Cat Classic.

The Cougars lost their home-opener to West Washington, 33-9.

"The Perry Central game is history. For us, we've got so many new players and new coaches, and we can't dwell on the past. We just have to look forward and, right now, North Harrison is in front of us," Timberlake said. "I know our guys will be ready."

Corydon upset the Cougars last year in Ramsey, 25-18; however, North still owns a 22-11 lifetime mark against the Panthers and is 19-11 in the Big Cat Classic.

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  1. print email
    August 27, 2008 | 10:54 PM

    As a coach, how can you see any postives out of a 43-6 loss with 28 yards passing and only 92 yards rushing?
    No the boys never quit, but when you only score with time running out and PCs jv on the field then something has to change. Whats up with the new form for the readers feedback.

  2. print email
    WIn on Friday?
    August 28, 2008 | 11:07 AM

    I agree with Reese5515 if we don't change something now it will be another wasted season. These players work to hard to just give it away. The gameplan used friday obviously didn't produce results so lets move things around. Try new things . Shake things up. If we run the same offense on Friday against the Cougars the fans will be disappointed. They want to see points on the board. The cheerleaders need to do some push-ups. I always support the Panthers no matter what but when the talent is there and we aren't utilizing it to it's best, it tends to get a little annoying. Let's beat North Harrison!

  3. print email
    some improvement is better than none
    August 29, 2008 | 08:22 AM

    I know the score looked bad but like coach T said, I didn't see any heads dropping when things didn't go well. The plays do need to change though. Running up the middle just doesn't seem to be working this year, just like last year ... Put the ball in the air or run on the sides every now and then. Our fans need to come up with something to let the boys know we are still there cheering. When they are having a hard time that is when they need our support the most. PC has a train whistle and shakers that souned really neat. Any ideas out there? Please don't let the new format of registering stop the comments. Last week i read MANY comments and only 2 today on Friday.

    snow angel
  4. print email
    Never give up
    August 30, 2008 | 03:00 PM

    Thats what CC did going into the 4th quarter. Iam very proud of our boys they played their hearts out, Your right snow angel put the ball in the air, we scored 2 touchdowns under 2 min. So why did we wait so long to start throwing the ball, when we got four great receivers,but we were only throwing to one of them. Keep your heads up boys there is nothing else you can do but play hard , the coaches have to make the changes. Snow angel I have an air horn from a semi I made for last year but it didnt get used much. HA HA .we only scored 1 touchdown at home all year.

  5. print email
    Keep on Truckin'
    September 02, 2008 | 09:47 AM

    I am SO proud of the team for hanging in there Friday night againt NH. Every loss is a tough loss but that one really stung. They came back w/ such force and confidence. amazing! Keep up the hard work and leave everything on the field guys. Give Reese5515 a reason to wear out his semi-truck horn!

    snow angel
  6. print email
    what a disappointment'
    September 02, 2008 | 01:52 PM

    Hate to see that loss. How sad for the juniors and seniors. They deserved a win and we threw it away, NH did there best to give it to us and we did not take advantage. hold your heads up boys you gave it your all your all

  7. print email
    Shame on you.
    September 02, 2008 | 02:01 PM

    Why the new format? It has been this way for how long? I noticed people were really getting involved and the paper was becoming interesting again and then you put a cap on it by the registration process.
    Obviously someone didn't like what they were reading .
    shame on the Corydon Democrat
    we buy your papers as well as read them online.

  8. print email
    shouldn't make a difference
    September 03, 2008 | 07:23 AM

    I too noticed how people were "getting involved" but there was, in my opinion, some mud slinging last time. Obviously if people don't care enough to register then they shouldn't send in their comments. To those who are afraid to I don't think you should be. There could be some boredom here if only 3 people submit comments.

    snow angel
  9. print email
    September 03, 2008 | 08:40 AM

    I agree some of the comments were being directed at certain individuals and that is not necessary. We can get our points across without naming names. I hope people register and keep expressing their opinions in a constructive way

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