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Fri, Oct 24, 2014 10:40 AM
Issue of October 22, 2014
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Tackling the first leg of the Corydon Hokum Karem, runners from Corydon Central, Crothersville, Lanesville and South Central take off at the starting line last Wednesday. Photos by Brian Smith

Hokum Karem provides unique start to cross country season

August 27, 2014 | 09:34 AM

Winding through the terrain around the soccer fields on the campus of Corydon Central, the cross country season began for three Harrison County schools.

Not a traditional 5k race, the Panthers program hosted the Corydon Central Hokum Karem. Each school — Corydon Central, Crothersville, Lanesville and South Central — paired runners on their respective teams to compete in a relay of sorts. Running a total of six miles, the duos alternated after completing a one-mile circuit. In the end, each runner would log nearly the usual 3.1 miles of a 5k.

South Central harrier Dalton Terry splits a pair of trees while completing a circuit at the Corydon Hokum Karem last Wednesday. Terry, along with teammate Logan Stewart, won the boys' event.
Taking off in the boys' race, although a humorous false-start lightened the mood, the top spot was a battle between South Central and Lanesville.

South Central's team of Dalton Terry and Logan Stewart opened a lead and eventually pulled away. They combined to run the course in 36:32.

"I'm a lot better distance runner, so I tried to get as big of a lead as I could at the start so I wouldn't have to worry about anyone catching me at the end," Terry said.

Terry, a regional qualifier as a sophomore last season, said the course and conditions had its up and downs, literally.

"It was a hard day," he said. "The course is really hilly, so it took a lot out of me. Winning felt good though."

Terry said his teammate, Stewart, did a good job holding off the Lanesville team of Gabe Sronce and Luke Walker from making up too much ground.

The cross country course was set up to start and finish at the practice soccer field. Heading east, hitting a downhill to start, the path wrapped around the baseball diamond before runners disappeared into the wooded area to the west of the soccer pitch. Navigating through the nature of the woods, runners eventually returned to the bright sunshine to tag their partner.

Sronce and Walker would hang on for second place, finishing less than a minute behind in 37:13. Lanesville took the next two spots on the board with David Blank and Andrew Kennedy (37:15) in third and Armonti Marquez and Zech Jones (39:05) fourth. Filling out the top five were Corydon Central's Dylan Bachman and Noah Hamilton (40:34).

Lanesville would lead in points to grab the team title.

Sronce and Blank are coming off regional appearances. Bachman also advanced to regional last year as a freshman.

South Central's next best pair was Cory Ray and Nick Wemes in sixth with a time of 41.14.

"Last year, I was the only runner that had run in high school," Terry said. "This year, we have a lot of runners returning and some of the basketball kids. The basketball kids had run before, so they are coming in to help."

Terry said he has the personal goal to reach semi-state while, as a team, they hope to contend in the Southern Athletic Conference.

In the girls' event, a clean start was had by all, but Crothersville's lonely duo wasn't to be caught. Breanna Barger and Isabel Kanneolesser ran away from the competition, combining to stop the clock at 46:48.

Lanesville returning runners Bailey Kaake and Katie Winstead, 2013 regional qualifiers, placed second with a time of 48:32.

South Central went on to win the team title, taking the third, fourth and fifth spots.

Kristain Proctor and Katie Massie (49:49) were third and were followed by Jordan Miller/Sidney Goodman (55:51) and Mallory Kuchenbrod/Gracie Day (55:53).

The next big meet in Harrison County will take place Thursday, Sept. 4, at the North Harrison Invitational.


Girls results – 1. Breanna Barger/Isabel Kanneolesser (Cr) 46:48, 2. Bailey Kaake/Katie Winstead (L) 48:32, 3. Kristain Proctor/Katie Massie (SC) 49:49, 4. Jordan Miller/Sidney Goodman (SC) 55:51, 5. Mallory Kuchenbrod/Gracie Day (SC) 55:53, 6. Emily Purdy/Evie Sronce (L) 1:01.22.

Boys results – 1. Dalton Terry/Logan Stewart (SC) 36:32, 2. Gabe Sronce/Luke Walker (L) 37:13, 3. David Blank/Andrew Kennedy (L) 37:51, 4. Armonti Marquez/Zech Jones (L) 39:05, 5. Dylan Bachman/Noah Hamilton (CC) 40:34, 6. Cory Ray/Nick Wemes (SC) 41:14, 7. Micah Mains/Noah Hoskins (Cr) 42:12, 8. Riley Cook/Mitchell Bailey (L) 42:27, 9. Dillon Scott/Andy Crosier (SC) 43:29, 10. Joe Logsdon/Charles Tostaine (SC) 44.24.

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