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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 05:44 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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North Harrison's Daniel Fleace becomes a regional track winner as he crosses the finish line to win the 3,200 meter run in the Bloomington Regional in a time of 9:27.19. Photo by Wade Bell

Late kick propels Fleace

June 04, 2014 | 11:41 AM

North Harrison's Daniel Fleace and Floyd Central's Gaige Klingsmith became regional track champions at opposite ends of the Bloomington North Regional Thursday afternoon; Klingsmith won in a sprint and Fleace won in distance.

The Highlanders will have runners in five other events as well at the Indiana University track facility this weekend in Bloomington at the state final.

The Highlanders ran and jumped their way into the state final early on in the meet. The Floyd Central 3,200-meter relay team of Logan Vaugh, Grant Vellinger, Reese Tarr and Adam Wallace raced to a third-place finish with a time of 8:07. Floyd Central freshman long jumper Antonio Villegas flew his way into the state finals with a 22 feet, 2-1/4-inch jump to finish second.

While that was going on, Klingsmith ran a fast 10.94 seconds in the 100 trials to become the top seed. When the finals came, Klingsmith found himself in the back of a four-way race. Klingsmith, however, found an extra gear in the final 50 meters and came on to win in a time of 10.99, meeting the state standard. The next four behind him — Bloomington North's Delvon Wilson (11.03), Springs Valley's Tristan Parmley (11.04), New Albany's Tuwan Peyton (11.08) and Clarksville's Marquise Parrish (11.13) — also met the standard.

"That's the second time I've broken 11 (seconds) this year," Klingsmith said. "Last week was the first time and this week being the second time. It was the same time I got out of regionals with last year. I'll definitely take it."

Starting-gun misfires was something Floyd Central hurdler Grant Foster had to deal with in the 110 high hurdles. Finally, on the fourth attempt, the race went off and Foster battled his way against Edgewood's Austin Smith for the coveted third spot. At the finish, Linton's Grant Stamm had a state standard time of 14.58 seconds with Danny Thomas of Bloomington South second (15.03) and Foster third at 15.19. Smith was fourth at 15.32.

Villegas just missed a state berth in the high jump, finishing fourth. In the 300 hurdles, Mitchell's Trevin Grissom finished second and Foster just missed a spot finishing fourth. In the 400 relay, Floyd was third (43.34) with Klingsmith pulling the Highlanders up from fourth spot behind New Albany (43.27) with Eastern Pekin fourth (44.58).

Corydon Central's lone point came in the 400 relay, placing eighth.

Silver Creek put two throwers in the state finals in the discus with Schuyler Hosp finishing second (158-10) and Spencer Harris third (154-8). North Harrison's Dayton van Uitert mustered up a 48-4-1/4 in the shot put but it was only good enough for fifth.

In the 1,600 relay, however, the Highlanders just missed finishing fourth (3:25.15) while Eastern (Pekin) placed second (3:23.91). The Floyd Central Highlanders put themselves in the state meet in the 3,200 relay with a third-place finish (8:07.66) while Borden was fourth (8:08.09).

In the pole vault, Salem's Austin McKinley entered the state competition with a vault of 14-3. The highlight of the night, however, came when Bloomington South's Deakin Volz flew over the bar at 17-3 to lead the best in the state and top three in the country.

Then came Fleace's race in the 3,200. The event started with three misfires of the starter's pistol forcing a few minutes delay. When the gun did go off, Fleace found himself boxed in badly on the inside lane and pushed back to ninth place.

"I wasn't exactly where I wanted," Fleace said. "I didn't get a great start. I felt a little sluggish. I started at the back of the pack, and I just kept looking at third, saying that's where I've got to be."

Fleace worked his way up with each lap and was in the top three with two laps to go. With just over one lap left, Fleace pushed his way ahead of Bloomington North's Fergus Arthur to take over the lead with Borden's Julien Magallanes making it a three-way horse race. Arthur made a charge on Fleace with 200 meters to go, but Fleace was able to find one extra gear to stay in front and get the win in a time of 9:27.19. Arthur was second at 9:28.27 and Magallanes was third at 9:28.79.

"Coming down the stretch, I felt the pack moving and I thought, 'This is my chance. I feel good right now. This is going to be my chance to do it'," Fleace said. "I've had a lot of full-out finishes there with somebody, but I knew I could do it. I said, 'This is it. You've got to push. You've got to push'."

"It's one of the biggest races, one of the biggest stages but definitely one of my best personal races ever," he said. "This is a big one for me."

Don't expect Fleace to take any time to celebrate the win because he still has one important race to finish.

"I had a long winter of training with my coach (Tim Martin)," Fleace said. "He's been working hard with me, and I've come a long way since last year because of him."

"I've got one more week left," he said. "I'm going to come practice tomorrow and set my goals next week like I did for this one. I'll do a little less of a workout, taper them a little bit."

Boys' team scores: 1. Bloomington North 108, 2. Bloomington South 83, 3. Floyd Central 76, 4. Bedford North Lawrence 42, 5. Silver Creek 27, 6. Linton-Stockton 26, 7t. Martinsville 23, 7t. New Albany 23, 9. Seymour 20, 10t. Borden 18, 10t. Jeffersonville 18, 12t. Springs Valley 17, 12t. North Harrison 17, 14t. Clarksville 16, 14t. Edgewood 16, 16. Mitchell 15, 17. Owen Valley 14, 18. Eastern (Pekin) 13, 19. Madison 10, 20. Brownstown Central 9, 21. Salem 7, 22. Switzerland County 6, 23. Scottsburg 5, 24t. Providence 4, 24t. Brown County 4, 26. Orleans 3, 27. Paoli 2, 28t. Crawford County 1, 28t. Corydon Central 1.

Boys' individual results (Top 3 to State): 100 – 1. Klingsmith (FC) 10.99, 2. Delvon Wilson (BN) 11.03, 3. Parmley (SV); 200 – 1. Dotts (BNL), 2. Wilson (BN), 3. Parmley (SV); 400 – 1. Parrish (Clkvl) 49.85, 2. Ryan (BN), 3. Lake (Mrtnvl) 800 – 1. Voskull (BS) 1:57.43, 2. Wallace (FC), 3. McCoy (Sey); 1,600 – 1. Tichenor (BN) 4:29.40, 2. Burks (BS), 3. Franklin (Brntn); 3,200 – 1. Fleace (NH) 9:27.19, 2. Arthur (BN), 3. Magallanes (Bor); 110 hurdles – 1. Stamm (Ltn) 14.58, 2. Thomas (BS), 3. Foster (FC); 300 hurdles – 1. Stamm (Ltn) 39.07, 2. Grissom (Mtchl), 3. Strong (OV); 400 relay – 1. Martinsville 43.08, 2. New Albany, 3. Floyd Central; 1,600 relay – 1. Bloomington North 3:22.18, 2. Eastern Pekin, 3. Bedford-NL; 3,200 relay – 1. Bloomington North 7:59.69, 2. Bloomington South, 3. Floyd Central; High jump – 1. Olson (BS) 6-8, 2. Reeves (NA), 3. Garrison (BNL); Pole vault – 1. Volz (BS) 17-3*, 2. Coomer (Sey), 3. McKinley (Slm); Long jump – 1. Matthew Garrison (BNL) 23-2, 2. Antonio Villegas (FC) 22-2 1/4, 3. Drew Ludwig (BN) 21-10-1/2; Shot put – 1. Michael Flynn (BNL), 2. Ryan Freeman (BS) 49-0 3/4, 3. Sonnefeld (BN); Discus – 1. Sonnefeld (BN) 166-3, 2. Hosp (SilCk), 3. Harris (SilCk).

*Meet record

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