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Sat, Oct 25, 2014 09:04 PM
Issue of October 22, 2014
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Highlanders claim 12th straight boys' sectional

May 28, 2014 | 11:29 AM

The Floyd Central Highlander track team overpowered everybody at the Corydon Central boys' sectional Thursday night, winning 10 of the 16 events and putting up a whopping 181.5 points on the board. Runner-up North Harrison had 81.5 points, and Borden was third with 76.5 points.

"We've just got to keep going," Floyd Central coach Lane Oxley said. "I think we got everybody through what we needed to. ... We tried to stay conservative, but the kids out there running, they're going to run fast, but they did a good job getting it."

Two records fell in the field events, one claimed by New Albany and one by Floyd Central. In the pole vault, Jacob Marguet vaulted 14 feet, 6 inches to win the event, breaking the record of 13-6 that had stood since 1999.

"Marquet is as good of pole vaulter as has been around here in a long time," Oxley said. "He (vaulted 14 feet) last year, and this year and he's gone 15. He's been over 15-6 many times. 14-6, 14-7, you hit the standard and you go to state."

An even older record fell in the high jump when New Albany's Javen Reeves flew over a measured height of 6 feet, 11-7/8 inches, breaking the 1994 record of 6-11 by Crawford County's Travis Beals. Floyd Central's Antonio Villegas finished second in the event with a height of 6 feet, 4 inches. Villegas, who just got back from competing in an international event in Mexico, also won the long jump with a distance of 21 feet, 8 inches on his second jump in the preliminaries. Villegas has jumps of more than 23 and 34 feet this season.

"He jumped last week in a big meet down from his country in Mexico," Oxley said. "He had a hard week in practice, so that was the big thing with him. He got to do one jump basically to win, and it's nice to be able to do that. You've got to be good to do that, too."

North Harrison scored big in the shot put, with Dayton VanUitert winning with a distance of 47 feet, 8-1/2 inches. Floyd Central's Seth Cordial and Crawford County's Dakota Curl tied for second at 45 feet, 2-1/2 inches. In the discus, Borden's Aaron Mast won at 131 feet even, with Dakota Curl second at 129-3. Curl, however, was not happy having his last throw scratched when his foot tapped the ring.

"I should have won it," Curl said. "I scratched on my last throw, and it would have been the one to beat him. It happened in the front of the ring. I couldn't get my foot down. I landed on top of the ring. I knew I had lost when my foot hit the ring. I could tell by the distance."

"I'll use it to make me madder and throw better," said Curl, who has one goal at Bloomington. "Beat him."

Floyd Central then went on to make a run in the running events. The Highlanders first broke down the 3,200-meter relay, winning in a time of 8:10.57. They swept the relay events also, winning the 400 meters in a meet record time of 42.73 seconds and the 1,600-meter relay in 3:31.30.

Floyd Central swept both hurdles event as Grant Foster won both the 110-meter high hurdles (15.55) and 300-meter (41.62) intermediate hurdles. In the 110-meter hurdles, Foster had to refocus mentally midway through the race when Lanesville's Micah Lane crashed over the fourth hurdle. Foster's teammate, Chase Blakeman, was second in both events behind Foster.

"I noticed (Lane) was next to me, and I'm not used to that in the sectional," Foster said. "He went down all of a sudden, and that was a little bit of a relief. If you don't let it get to your head and keep your head focused on the hurdle ahead, then you'll be all right."

The Highlanders owned the sprints, with Gaige Klingsmith winning both the 100-meter (10.92) and 200-meter (22.09) dashes.

"I didn't get the start I wanted, but I haven't got the start I wanted all year," Klingsmith said. "I've been having trouble with the starts, and I've got to get those down for regionals. There's a lot better competition, and I want to be able to compete."

North Harrison's Daniel Fleace came out on top in the first distance event, winning the 1,600 meters in a time of 4:24.70. Teammate Curtis Wetzel also qualified for this week's regional, finishing third (4:36.58), and Floyd Central's Grant Reynolds was fourth (4:37.46). Fleace also placed second (9:53.21) in the 3,200 meters, and Floyd Central's Alec Heitz was third (10:04.57).

"It felt great," Fleace said after his 1,600 win. "I felt pretty strong. I had a long winter and a long spring of training, so it definitely feels good to start paying off."

Fleace said he drafted off Borden's Julien Magallanes through first two laps.

"For a little bit," he said. "I felt myself stay strong, and that's where I usually go in the race, with 800 to go. I like to start moving. I felt good, so I went for it. It was a PR, so I can't complain.

"I want to make it to state in the two-mile. Come regional, I think I'll focus on the two-mile and hope to make it to state and run a good time. I'd like to run below 9:30 or faster."

In other events, Corydon Central's Clayton Miller was fourth (23.26) in the 200-meter dash, while South Central's Brandon Huda finished second in the 400-meter dash at 51.6 seconds. Corydon Central's Nicholas Keith was third (16.81) in the 100-meter high hurdles, with Crawford County's Tyrell Nickelson fourth (17.58). After crashing in the high hurdles, Lanesville's Micah Lane bounced back to finish fourth (43.01) in the 300 hurdles.

Floyd Central nearly had a 1-2 finish in a packed 800 meters, but, in the end, Corydon Central's Jeremy Buess split the Highlanders' Adam Wallace, who won in 2:02.45, with Buess second in 2:03.46. Floyd Central's Reese Tart took the third spot with 2:03.81.

"That was our goal," Wallace said of wanting a 1-2 sweep. "(Tart) just got outkicked there in the end."

Wallace said having a tight race like this one was good because it will be the same kind of race at the regional at Bloomington North.

"I wanted it tight," he said. "I was going to plan on my kick pretty much. I wanted to get first so we could get out of here with a different time. I'd like to win (at Bloomington). I'm hoping to break 1:57. I've run 1:57.2. I'm hoping to get down below that."

Klingsmith, who finished his sprint sweep with a win in the 200-meter dash, said his start was better in the second race after faltering early.

"I knew I had some faster competition in store, so I tried to get my start down a little more," he said. "I came out with a little more speed. I take the two races differently. The 200, I like to build up speed instead of like the 100, where I run at full-out speed. Some people do that in the 200, as well. I like to save a little kick."

Klingsmith said the team is hoping to be a serious contender for the regional championship at Bloomington North. Floyd Central will have competitors in all but one of the 16 events.

"It's been a while since we've been able to compete at regionals, and that's been our goal all season pretty much," Klingsmith said. "This is the most stacked team I've ever heard of at Floyd Central. ... We think we can (win it). There's no point in going if you don't think you can win it."

"The score is 0-0 now," Oxley said. "Bloomington North is good. Bloomington South is good. There's other teams that can pick us apart, too. They've got good distance, good field events, good hurdlers. They've got good sprinters. We've got to bring it. I think this is probably as good of chance as we've had to compete for it. It's going to take a heck of an effort."

Boys' team scores: 1. Floyd Central 181, 2. North Harrison 81.5, 3. Borden 76.5, 4. New Albany 65, 5. Providence 54, 6. Corydon Central 52.5, 7. Crawford County 39, 8. Clarksville 25, 9. South Central 19, 10. Lanesville 11, 11. Christian Academy 8.50.

Boys' individual results (Top 4 to Regional): 100 – 1. G. Klingsmith (FC) 10.92, 2. T. Payton (NA), 3. M. Parrish (Clkvl), 4. Z. Lewis (FC); 200 – 1. G. Klingsmith (FC) 22.09, 2. G. Braun (Prov), 3. S. Farris (NA), 4. C. Miller (Cor); 400 – 1.M. Parrish (Clkvl) 50.75, 2. B. Huda (SoC), 3. S. Jenkins (FC), 4. K. Spitler (Prov); 800 – 1. A. Wallace (FC) 2:02.45, 2. J. Buess (Cor), 3. R. Tarr (FC), 4. L. Ottersbach (Prov); 1,600 – 1. D. Fleace (NH) 4:24.70, 2. J. Magallanes (Bor), 3. C. Wetzel (NH), 4. G. Reynolds (FC); 3,200 – 1. J. Magallanes (Bor) 9:49.88, 2. D. Fleace (NH), 3. A. Heitz (FC), 4. T. Baumgart (NA); 110 hurdles – 1. G. Foster (FC) 15.55, 2. C. Blakeman (FC), 3. N. Keith (Cor), 4. T. Nickelson (CC); 300 hurdles – 1. G.Foster (FC) 41.62, 2. C. Blakeman (FC), 3. B. McGee (Bor), 4. M. Lane (L); 400 relay – 1. Floyd Central 42.73*, 2. New Albany, 3. Providence, 4. North Harrison; 1,600 relay – 1. Floyd Central 3:31.50, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Providence, 4. South Central; 3,200 relay – 1. Floyd Central 8:10.57, 2. Borden, 3. Corydon Central, 4. Providence; High jump – 1. J. Reeves (NA) 6-11 7/8*, 2. A. Villegas (FC), 3. D. Knopp (NH), 4. I. Hickman (NA); Pole vault – 1. Jacob Marguet (FC) 14-6*, 2. J. Rafferty (Bor), 3. R. Renton (FC), 4. A. Spencer (NH); Long jump – 1. A. Villegas (FC) 21-8, 2. M. Parrish (Clkvl), 3. J. Majors (CC), 4. M. Mattox (NA); Shot put – 1. D. VanUitert (NH) 27-8 1/2, 2. S. Cordial (FC), 3. D. Curl (CC), 4. B. Williams (Bor); Discus – 1. A. Mast (Bor) 131-0, 2. D. Curl (CC), 3t. W. Connelly (CAI), 3t. B. Williams (Bor).

*Sectional record

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