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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 02:09 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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MSC hands out awards in fall sports

Salomon, Martin, Austin & Nash earn Coach of the Year accolades

November 13, 2013 | 11:39 AM

Athletes mentioned for All-Mid-Southern Conference teams and coaches in fall sports were recently released.

The following were honorees from Harrison County:

Football All-MSC — Logan Behagg (Corydon Central), Jason Wisman (Corydon Central), Alex McAfee (Corydon Central), Cameron Ayers (Corydon Central), Mason Miller (North Harrison) and Brandon Craig (North Harrison); honorable mention — Nathan Schmitt (Corydon Central), David Brann (Corydon Central), Mike Clark (North Harrison) and Brandon Stokes (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Reed May (Brownstown Central).

Volleyball All-MSC — Payton Windell (Corydon Central) and Jill Book (North Harrison); honorable mention — Reagan Mosley (Corydon Central) and Carlie Burson (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Jeff Zimmerman (Silver Creek).

Boys' Soccer All-MSC — Cory Thomas (Corydon Central), Grant Robinson (Corydon Central), Isidro Chavez (Corydon Central), Nick Smythe (Corydon Central), Hunter Gray (North Harrison) and Nathan Wayman (North Harrison); honorable mention — Austin Whittington (Corydon Central), Brandon Smith (Corydon Central), Dylan Payne (North Harrison) and Noah Yost (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Jeff Salomon (Corydon Central).

Girls' Soccer All-MSC — Jordan Dagenhart (Corydon Central), Danielle Uesseler (Corydon Central), Kaitlin Salomon (Corydon Central), Shelby Austin (North Harrison), Kaitlyn Butler (North Harrison), Nicole Keene (North Harrison) and Tayler Smith (North Harrison); honorable mention — Elizabeth Satterfield (Corydon Central), Olivia Lawson (Corydon Central), Shaylah Neal (North Harrison) and Amera Santiesteban (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Cheryl Austin (North Harrison).

Boys' Tennis All-MSC — Quinton Coffman (Corydon Central) and Andrew Dones (North Harrison); honorable mention — Nick Keith (Corydon Central) and Brad Nowak (North Harrison); Coach of the Year (tie) — Jared Peterson (Austin), Brian Roberts (Scottsburg) and Robert Briscoe (Silver Creek).

Girls' Cross Country All-MSC — Ashton Bosler (North Harrison) and Karin Blos (North Harrison); honorable mention — Stevi Burns (North Harrison) and Shelby Lindsey (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Darrell Kingery (Silver Creek).

Boys' Cross Country All-MSC — Daniel Fleace (North Harrison), Curtis Wetzel (North Harrison) and Michael White (North Harrison); honorable mention — Jake Pitts (Corydon Central), Collier Smith (North Harrison), Chance Schickel (North Harrison) and Jacob Faith (North Harrison); Coach of the Year — Tim Martin (North Harrison).

Girls' Golf All-MSC — Kennedy Nash (Corydon Central), Marie Rothrock (Corydon Central) and Cortlin Engleman (Corydon Central); honorable mention — Sidney Capelle (Corydon Central); Coach of the Year — Kevin Nash (Corydon Central).

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