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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 03:33 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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This marker noting Corydon's place in state history sits outside the town's post office along S.R. 62. (click for larger version)

County home to 22 historical markers

Celebrating Statehood

January 08, 2014 | 11:44 AM

There are 22 historical markers that have been erected in Harrison County through the Indiana Historical Bureau, the state agency mandated to provide the official Indiana Historical Marker program.

(click for larger version)
Everyone has seen the black-and-gold markers erected to commemorate a historic site or event. These markers are located throughout the state, and Harrison County has been honored with nearly two dozen of these markers which provide brief historical information about the significant site.

Each marker is assigned a code number. The first two numbers indicate the county (in our case, 31, as Harrison is the 31st county alphabetically). The next four numbers indicate the year the marker was erected. The last number indicates the marker's number in the order installed in that particular year.

There was a great deal of activity in 1965 and 1966, as the county prepared for, and celebrated, the sesquicentennial of the state, and in 1963 for the 100th anniversary of Morgan's Raid.

There are four historic markers located on the south side of the Harrison County Court House lawn on the Corydon town square:

•Indiana Capitol (31.1948.1);

•Battle of Corydon, July 9, 1863 (31.1961.1);

•First State Capital (31.1962.2); and

•Harrison County (31.1966.5).

Three markers are located along East Walnut Street:

•First State Office Building(31.1962.1);

•Presbyterian Church (31.1965.4); and

•Governor's Headquarters (31.1965.3).

The Posey House, located at 225 Oak St. in downtown Corydon has one (31.1965.1), as does the old Harrison County Jail (31.1965.2), located at the intersection of North Capitol Avenue and Cherry Street.

Others in Corydon include:

•Cedar Hill Cemetery (31.1966.4), located at the intersection of East Summit and North Maple streets;

•Cedar Glade (31.2006.1), located at 1 Cedar Glade on the east side of North Capitol Avenue on the banks of Big Indian Creek;

•Corydon United Methodist Church (31.1980.1), at 214 N. Elm St. just east of the courthouse;

•John Shields, Lewis and Clark Expedition Member (31.2004.1), at 310 N. Elm St. on the north side of the Blaine H. Wiseman Visitor Center;

•Leora Brown School (31.1995.1), at 400 E. Summit St. near Hill Street;

•St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church (31.2003.1), at the southeast corner of Maple and High streets;

•Oswell Wright (31.2008.1), near the corner of Maple and Chestnut streets;

•First State Capital Marker (31.1962.2), at the Corydon Post Office along S.R. 62 West); and

•Site of the Battle of Corydon July 9, 1863 Marker (31.1963.1), located about one mile south of Corydon along Old S.R. 135 at the Battle of Corydon Memorial Park entrance.

Markers outside of Corydon include:

•Walter Q. Gresham (31.1966.2), located at 215 Barron Ave. at the Lanesville Post Office;

•Mount Solomon Lutheran Church (31.1966.2), five miles west of Corydon along S.R. 62); and

•Two markers at the junction of state roads 135 and 11, just north of the Matthew T. Welch Bridge near Mauckport: Last Home of Squire Boone (31.1966.2) and Morgan's Raid July 8-13, 1863 (31.1963.2).

Of course, there are many additional historic sites, events, buildings, tombstones, etc. with special markers erected by individuals, groups or organizations throughout Harrison County besides those listed above which have been designated as historic marker sites by the Indiana Historical Bureau.

Applications for an "Intent to Apply" form from the Indiana Historical Bureau are due by April 30. The cost of an IHB approved marker is about $2,000 with the applicant responsible for the cost, as well as for providing reliable, locally-available primary sourced material. More information is available online at

Karen Schwartz, president of the Historical Society of Harrison County, serves on the legacy group of the Harrison County Committee for the Indiana Bicentennial. In preparation of Indiana's bicentennial in 2016, she is providing a monthly column — focusing on a person, place or event from Harrison County's history — that gives insight to our history. She said the columns should serve as an introduction and/or summary of a topic but are not intended to include all known facts and information. To suggest a topic, contact Schwartz at 736-2373 or 738-2828, by e-mail at or by regular mail at 5850 Devil's Elbow Road NW, Corydon, IN 47112.

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