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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 09:10 PM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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HCCF awards $650,729 in grants

August 13, 2014 | 09:15 AM

Fifteen not-for-profit agencies received the news last week, a month early, from the Harrison County Community Foundation that they had been selected to receive grants, totaling $650,729, during the fall cycle.

These grants were made possible by support received from Horseshoe Southern Indiana in Bridgeport. To date, the HCCF has awarded more than $64 million dollars to a variety of programs and projects.

Grants were awarded in the following services areas: arts, $20,000; community projects, $464,999; education, $60,511; human services, $36,219; and recreation, $69,000.

The Indiana State Museum Foundation received the largest grant award, $199,999, that will assist with the upcoming infrastructure improvements to be made on the square in downtown Corydon in preparation for Indiana's bicentennial celebration in 2016. HCCF's dollars will be used specifically for lighting and the electrical system.

Additional grants were awarded as follows:

Blue River Services Inc. — $11,075 to provide matching funds to upgrade computer hardware in the human resources and fiscal/administration offices.

Center for Lay Ministries Inc./The Bliss House — $5,600 to serve as a supplement to the per diem cost per Harrison County resident at The Bliss House program.

Comfort House — $12,044 to provide a match to support a child advocacy center in Harrison County. This grant award will leverage $48,175 in additional grant dollars.

Friends of Harrison County Youth — up to $12,000 to purchase a replacement mower.

Harrison County Alternative Education Center Inc. — $5,000 to provide funding to transport students to various locations to perform community service.

Hoosier Hills PACT — $7,500 to support victim safety and advocacy services for Harrison County victims with a special emphasis on victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Indiana Natural Resources Foundation — $100,000 to provide matching dollars for the construction of the kitchen and rest room addition to the existing dining hall of the Wyandotte Group Camp at O'Bannon Woods State Park.

Lanesville Community School Corp. — $2,686 to support students participating in the Indiana Association of School Principal's Academic Team program and the National Geographic Society's National Geography Bee, $2,770 to support the current K-12 electronic field-trip program and $7,190 to allow the Destination ImagiNation team to compete at the regional, state and global levels.

Lanesville Jaycees — $20,000 to repave the basketball courts and parking facilities at the Lanesville Jaycee Park.

Main Street Corydon — $70,000 to provide up to $45,000 to create a downtown development master plan and the remaining funds to hire a director.

North Harrison Community School Corp. — $27,865 to provide matching funds to purchase iPad carts, individual iPads and protective cases.

South Harrison Community Development — $95,000 to repair the deteriorating exterior masonry work of the South Harrison Community Center in Elizabeth.

South Harrison Community School Corp. — $2,000 to support students participating in the Academic Bowl competitions and to support the after-prom event to keep students safe and drug-free on prom night, $20,000 to provide match dollars to purchase musical instruments/equipment for the Corydon Central band program and $20,000 to assist in purchasing Wi-Fi devices and accessories.

St. John's Lutheran School — $30,000 to create a safe playing area for the younger children of the daycare and school.

Applications for the next grant cycle will be accepted Dec. 1 through Jan. 15.

HCCF staff said that many requests are denied because they are incomplete, such as failure to submit with authorized signatures, current Form 990s, sufficient financial information as required, etc.

To facilitate the preparation of complete grant applications, applicants are strongly encouraged to utilize the Foundation staff for assistance. A grant application scheduled for preview must be completed no later than one week prior to the submission deadline.

The HCCF board will review all proposal letters at the September board meeting and invite agencies with a project the HCCF board will consider to submit a complete Signature Grant application. Those applications will only be accepted from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31. These applications may be reviewed and announced anytime in 2015.

For more information about the HCCF grant policies and programs, visit the HCCF website, or contact Anna Curts at 812-738-6668 or by email at

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