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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 09:50 PM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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One project ends, another begins for RSD

August 06, 2014 | 09:32 AM

One major project is essentially complete and another is about to begin construction for the Harrison County Regional Sewer District board.

District consultant Bob Woosley, of Heritage Engineering, said the New Salisbury business corridor sanitary sewer project is now complete and the Lanesville Interstate 64 interchange area project is ready to go to bid for construction.

Woosley said Lanesville will bid its portion of the project first (Harrison County and the Town of Lanesville entered into a joint agreement to complete the project), and the district will follow with a bid due date of Aug. 20. Woosley said with that timeline, hopefully, the bids will come in low because the first- and second-place bidders for Lanesville will want to secure the district bid as well.

RSD president Tom Tucker reported that Lanesville now has all of its easements needed for the project, and RSD board member Tony Combs said he's heard that at least three potential buyers/developers are in line for the area around the interchange.

The project will take flow from the interchange area to the Lanesville treatment plant. Because of the amount of piping needed and the terrain it must traverse, the Lanesville portion of the project will take longer and be more challenging to complete, Woosley said.

In other business, sewer district consultant Rob Huckaby, of Stantec, said the installation of the rain garden at South Central Junior-Senior High School should have occurred in July, weather permitting. A rain garden is a planted depression or a hole that allows rainwater runoff from urban areas like roofs, driveways, walkways, compacted lawn areas or, in this case, parking lots.

"It should take just a day," Huckaby said. "I'm pleased it's finally coming together."

The project was funded by a stormwater grant that also provided money for a run-off catch basin for the main parking lot at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School.

The board also agreed to send a request to the board of commissioners and county council for $20,000 for its projects budget for next year.

Before the motion and vote, Tucker said the district wasn't in line to receive any funding from the county in 2015.

"That doesn't mean we can't ask for something," Gary Davis, board treasurer and county council chair, said. "We've been constantly talking about being self-sufficient, and the Lanesville project's already paid for, but we have a cash-flow problem."

Davis said he expects the request to be looked upon favorably.

The next Regional Sewer District's meeting will be Wednesday, Aug. 20, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.

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