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Fri, Oct 24, 2014 08:02 AM
Issue of October 22, 2014
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Agreement reached over Buffalo Trace Park

April 30, 2014 | 10:26 AM

Buffalo Trace Park was the theme of the morning last Wednesday during a meeting of the Palmyra Town Council.

The first item on the agenda was to abolish one of two boards the town had for the park.

In 1968, the town formed a park board and the town also has a park advisory board for the Harrison County Parks Dept. With two different entities trying to work with the Harrison County parks board, there are multiple groups working with the parks department to accomplish different things.

"I think we should have one park board with five people and let them control it and leave the town out of it," Alvin Brown said.

Paul Eveslage made the motion to have one board, and Brown seconded.

The town of Palmyra edited its memorandum of understanding with the Harrison County Parks Dept. last week, asking the parks board to remove a paragraph in the 50-year lease that could hold the town liable for two-thirds of operational costs of Buffalo Trace Park.

"(The parks department) have never enforced that, but, at some point, the county board could enforce that and then what are we going to do? Who is going to pay for it?" Virginia Kirkham, a member of the Palmyra Town Council, asked.

Rand Heazlitt, director of the Harrison County Parks Dept., said he would take the memorandum back to the parks board for its consideration. He added that further delay will likely delay the lake at Buffalo Trace from being sprayed to eliminate vegetation growth.

"We've applied for the funds and the permit and, as soon as the park board gives the OK that the money is there, and we have an agreement signed by both sides, we'll get the lake sprayed," Heazlitt said. "But, I can't get the lake sprayed until I get the memorandum signed."

After some additional discussion, the town council agreed to sign the memorandum as it was written and asked that the parks department remove the paragraph in question.

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