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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 04:59 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014
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4 Democrats seek Spencer Township trustee seat

April 02, 2014 | 10:44 AM

Residents in Spencer Township who select a Democrat ballot in the May 6 Primary Election will find four candidates seeking the Spencer Township trustee position. Incumbent Donald Satterfield is not seeking re-election.

Seeking their party's nomination are Curtis Brown, Kyle Byrne, Aaron Scott and Susie Flock Weigle.

The winner in the Primary will square off against the Republican candidate, Bruce Hawkins of Depauw.

Below are the Democrat candidates' exact responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper.

Curtis Brown (click for larger version)
Name: Curtis Brown

Address: Ramsey

Contact information for voters: 812-267-7773;

Family: Wife, Wendi; two children, Shawn and Kristina Brown

Education/Occupation/Political experience: 1990 graduate of North Harrison High School; 1990 graduate of C.A. Prosser School of Technology, New Albany; 1998 graduate of IECA apprenticeship program, Kentucky tech college; 2004 to 2006 chief union steward Teamsters Local 89, Louisville; owner and manager of Brown Electric for the past 4 years

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I believe that I can provide knowledgeable leadership to Spencer Township at a point when it is desperately needed. With my background in business management, and the knowledge of the people in our community from being a volunteer for more than 20 years, I believe I have the skills and determination that are needed to excel as Spencer Township trustee.

What do you see as the main role of the township trustee? How would you accomplish that role? (in 200 words or less): The most pressing problem I see in my community is the declining revenue to the General Fund due to budget cuts at the state level. I feel that as a township trustee it is my responsibility to help facilitate the use of the limited funds wisely. Because of this decline, I feel that we should continue to explore other resources of funding, such as grants, for upcoming projects. I believe that the Frenchtown Community Center should be another tool that can be used to generate funds. By utilizing this facility for our elder and young citizens of Spencer Township, it would generate enough funds to maintain itself.

Kyle Byrne (click for larger version)
Name: Kyle Byrne

Address: Ramsey

Contact information for voters: 812-972-2023

Family: Spouse, Brandie Koons Byrne, married for 13 years; children, Kylie, 9, and Kellsie, 6.

Education/Occupation/Political experience: Graduated from North Harrison High School, 1997; Graduated from Park University, Mo., B.S MIS/CIS in 2009; currently working on Master of Science in managing information technology at Sullivan University; network architect for Hewlett Packard (Fort Knox, Ky.) and part-time adjunct instructor for Sullivan University; 2008 Harrison County council candidate and 2010 North Harrison school board candidate

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I grew up in Spencer Township and having the opportunity to serve this community would be a great honor. I feel I have the education and background that would allow me to bring new ideas to make this community better. We have a nice community center, and it saddens me to see it not being used for our community and seniors. Bringing back the senior citizen program and adding new programs will be my No. 1 priority!

What do you see as the main role of the township trustee? How would you accomplish that role? (in 200 words or less): I see the role of the trustee as someone who will provide the services and needs to the community that will enrich the lives of all ages. To accomplish that role, I pledge to reduce the salary of the trustee and the clerk and seek grants and fundraising events so we can bring back the senior lunch program, offer assistance to those in need, hold Town Hall meetings so residents can voice any concerns. New programs I would like to seek are creating a "Safe Place," volunteer/summer programs, medical transportation for elderly and disabled, health check-ups, veteran assistance, Red Cross assistance/blood drives and educational classes.

Aaron L. Scott (click for larger version)
Name: Aaron L. Scott

Address: Ramsey

Contact information for voters: or 812-267-2435

Family: Son, Chase Scott, and daughter, Chloe Scott

Education/Occupation/Political experience: I attended North Harrison Community schools for 12 years and Prosser vocational school for two years, in which I graduated from both in 1992. I have been co-owner of Scott Auto Sales for 12 years. I have been the owner and operator of Scott Bus Repair for 7 years. I have been employed by North Harrison Community School Corp. as a contract bus driver, in which I have owned my own bus, for 19 years.

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I have lived in Spencer Township my whole life. About 5 years ago, I took an interest in this position, but, with being in business myself, I did not feel right running against an incumbent. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, that opportunity is now available, and I feel it is the right time to run. I would love to be given the opportunity to interact with our community of Spencer Township again, just on another level, and to be able to serve them as they see or feel needed.

What do you see as the main role of the township trustee advisory board member? How would you accomplish that role? (in 200 words or less): The trustee, along with the advisory board members, is to serve the people at the best of his or her ability. That role encompasses many branches, including: 1) Fire department, which plays a big role in our community. It is important to support them in what they need so they can be there for us when needed. 2) Poor relief. I feel like there are township residents that have hit or could hit hard times due to uncontrollable circumstances. If I can help them out in that time of need, that would be great. 3) Cemeteries. There is a duty to make sure they are properly taken care of and maintained on a regular basis. 4) Community center. This great facility can be used in so many ways for the community. I believe that, if you combine my ideas and dreams with those of the three new advisory board members, we can make great things happen in this community and bring us back together as one. These are only a few trustee duties, but I will do my best to make sure all are well looked at and taken care of to the best of my ability. I only see great things happening if you elect me.

Susie Flock Weigle (click for larger version)
Name: Susie Flock Weigle

Address: Ramsey

Contact information for voters: E-mail; phone 812-738-7462

Family: Married to Terry Weigle, district director, Farm Service Agency; daughter, Lindsey Flock Hornickel, freshman, IU Bloomington

Education/Occupation/Political experience: North Harrison High/Indiana University Bloomington; current bookkeeper and general assistant for Mike Flock and Flock Farms; former NH substitute teacher, USDA grade GS-12/management and program analyst, member/reviewer USDA Consent Decree Action Team, Washington, D.C., USDA program assistant, Harrison County Parks Dept. office manager, intern in historical interpretation at Lincoln Home NHS, Springfield, Ill., summer hire U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; current Democratic Party South Spencer precinct chair, Democratic state convention delegate 2012, Harrison County Democratic Party volunteer.

Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I am running for Spencer Township trustee because I was asked. Four years ago, my dad asked me to run. He was on the advisory board and, during that election year, the trustee and the board talked about the prospects of that being their last election run. I could never say no to Kenny Flock. In honor of my dad and his service to the community, I would be honored to serve as trustee with your support.

What do you see as the main role of the township trustee? How would you accomplish that role? (in 200 words or less): I see the role of trustee as the manager, the steward, the confidant and the servant of the township, in an ever-changing order of importance. As the current chair of the Spencer Township Advisory Board, I am seeking guidance from trustees and advisory boards in Harrison and other counties in the state to best plan the management of township funds. I look at the recent audit as guidance to move forward. We may have changed some from our deeply rooted agrarian background, however, I'm not ready to stray from those values. I was raised on a Hoosier Homestead dairy farm, here in Spencer Township. I live on the farm, where Christian Engleman and his siblings built airplanes and other inventions in and around our 1880 farmhouse. I'll be here long after the election. I'll still be your neighbor, still host Mike's farm field day, still miss my dad like crazy and still serve the township any way I can. My background in management and program analysis, county government and farm operations will give me the foundation to manage the finances and the responsibilities of serving the taxpayers of Spencer Township.

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    April 07, 2014 | 07:50 PM

    While I like all of the candidates, it looks to me like Kyle Byrne has the best community based goals the background/ experience to manage the Trustee office.

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    April 12, 2014 | 09:04 PM

    With everything that is going on with the community center and senior meals program don't you think those that have nothing else to say or do would use that as a campaign? The others don't have to use that "bribe" because it's common sense that is a issue to fix but they also have other goals. Also Byrne has ran twice for an office and lost, maybe that should tell you something as well. As far as Flock we'll she said right off she is running because she was asked and we'll the other two (Scott and Brown) are running because they want the position and have the BIG picture in mind not just one thing or was asked to do it. Ask me it's only a choice of two. Both Scott and Brown are great choices and have the background and history to run a township.

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