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Tue, Sep 02, 2014 12:23 AM
Issue of August 27, 2014
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MS4 designation a possibility for county

March 26, 2014 | 09:43 AM

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District board discussed the possibility of Harrison County becoming a designated MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) community by the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management.

The MS4 designation, which includes regulations for stormwater management/water quality, is triggered when an area reaches a certain population density level.

"It's an incredibly expensive program," Rob Huckaby, consultant with Stantec said.

He said the landscape for designating MS4 is changing, with the Environmental Protection Agency focusing heavily on suburbs and developing areas.

"They want to get ahead of the growth," he said.

Floyd County was designed a MS4 following the 2000 Census.

Once a county is designated a MS4, it is required to develop a Storm Water Quality Management Plan, which is basically an action plan for the county or entity to institute the following six requirements or measures: public education and outreach; public involvement and participation; illicit discharge detection and elimination; construction site stormwater runoff control; post-construction stormwater management in new development and redevelopment; and pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations maintenance.

Other than when pertaining to road construction and repair, there isn't stormwater control in Harrison County, the board said.

The county received a letter from IDEM specifying that the county had the potential to become a MS4, if the data from the 2010 Census warrants it.

"They're (IDEM) going to follow up in some way, shape or form," Huckaby said.

Treasurer Gary Davis said he'll discuss the matter with the county commissioners.

In other RSD business, the stormwater demonstration project at South Central Junior-Senior High School, a rain garden area, will begin following the return of a quote from Fulkerson Construction.

The board also decided on a 10-percent late fee for the new rate ordinance concerning the New Salisbury sanitary sewer system.

The next RSD meeting will be Wednesday, April 16, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.

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