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Mon, Oct 20, 2014 07:26 AM
Issue of October 15, 2014
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Jerry Finn, executive director of the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County, left, and Harrison County Commissioners Jim Klinstiver, George Ethridge and Kenny Saulman are among the first to visit The Spread Buffet during its official grand opening Jan. 29 at Horseshoe Southern Indiana. Photo by Alan Stewart (click for larger version)

Horseshoe buffet a new Spread

February 12, 2014 | 08:58 AM

Horseshoe Southern Indiana had its official grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting for The Spread Buffet Jan. 29.

"We're thrilled to bring The Spread Buffet to Horseshoe Southern Indiana," John Smith, general manager at Horseshoe Southern Indiana, said. "Our guests crave variety. From dishes native to our local area to international cuisine, this buffet will satisfy palates of all types."

The Spread Buffet serves portions of everything from local favorites to international fare. There is a variety of stations, including Italian, Heartland, Mexican and Asian, along with a farmer's market and dessert island. A Taste of Kentuckiana station offers specialty dishes to show off flavors and favorites specific to the region.

The meat-carving area is a full-time offering on the buffet, which at the grand opening had at least several dozen food and dessert stations. The popular crab legs will remain a staple of the buffet on Fridays.

The Spread Buffet replaces the Paula Deen Buffet, which opened in September 2010 and closed in June of last year after allegations of racist remarks by Deen were made public. Caesar Entertainment Corp. and Paula Deen Enterprises made a mutual decision to not renew the two companies' business relationship.

The Deen Buffet was 13,500 square feet and had seating capacity for 525 diners, and the renovation from the previous buffet cost $3.4 million.

Smith would not give an exact dollar amount for The Spread's renovation, which changed the decor from southern plantation to a more modern feel with rich, dark woods, but he said the investment was "substantial."

"It's in the millions," he said.

The square footage for The Spread is nearly identical to the previous buffet; however, the space has been allocated a little differently, Smith said.

"First, we have a bar area, which we didn't have before, and, if you recall, there was a Paula Deen store. The area where the store was has been acquired for seating," Smith said. "The Spread Buffet is a branded buffet in all of the Horseshoe casinos, so, if you frequent a Horseshoe in Cincinnati or here, or elsewhere, you'll run into a Spread Buffet."

The cost for the buffet is $20.99 for lunch or dinner, the steak and seafood buffet is $34.99 and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays is $23.99. Total Rewards members receive $1 off regular lunch and dinner prices and $2 off brunch and steak and seafood buffet.

One person who won't have to pay for a buffet for the next year is Janice Glasscock of Louisville. She and her sister-in-law go to the boat each Wednesday. They were on The Legend riverboat casino and heard the announcement of the grand opening festivities and decided to take part in the free drawing for a year's worth of free buffets. Glasscock's name was drawn for the prize.

Twitter: @_alanstewart

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    February 13, 2014 | 08:53 AM

    I have eaten at the new buffet. It is much higher quality than the Paula Deen buffet. I highly recommend it.

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    February 13, 2014 | 05:22 PM

    The new buffet is really good. I'll go back.

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