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Tue, Oct 21, 2014 01:21 PM
Issue of October 15, 2014
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Corydon doctor allegedly fires gun at vehicle

October 09, 2013 | 09:10 AM

A doctor from Corydon faces charges of first-degree wanton endangerment in Kentucky after allegedly pointing a firearm at another driver while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

In this screen capture from a YouTube video, Dr. Perrin Dobyns, of Corydon, allegedly points a firearm at a motorist who was shooting the video after watching Dobyns pass vehicles in the emergency lane and drive recklessly on an interstate in Kentucky. (click for larger version)
A witness was driving on Interstate 75 in Richmond, Ky., Sept. 29 when he saw a black Lincoln driven by Perrin Thomas Dobyns, 51, of the 400 block of Big Indian Road, go into the emergency lane of the interstate in order to pass another car. The witness said it was if Dobyns was trying to force his way into traffic.

The witness started recording video with his cell phone to capture the driver's actions and capture the driver's face and license plate. In the video, as the witness pulled next to the black car, the front passenger window can be seen rolling down, and Dobyns points a handgun at the witness. The victim told police he thought he heard a gunshot after the gun was pointed at him, then he quickly slowed down and turned over his evidence to law enforcement.

The following day, the Kentucky State Police identified Dobyns as the person driving the black car. KSP Trooper Charles Brandenburg obtained an arrest warrant and the Indiana State Police was contacted to assist in locating Dobyns.

Dobyns was arrested by ISP at 3 p.m. on Sept. 30 at his place of employment, the Branchville Correctional Facility. Dobyns was briefly held at the Perry County Jail before being extradited to Madison County, Ky. Dobyns has been suspended from his job pending the outcome of the investigation.

On Oct. 2, Dobyns entered a not-guilty plea in Madison County.

The case is still under investigation.

Also assisting in the case was the Branchville Correctional Facility.

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    October 10, 2013 | 10:39 AM

    A general overview of the behavior of Harrison county's doctors, law enforcement, elected leaders, and attorneys would suggest that there is something seriously wrong in this county... what an embarrassment. To those of you who do not regularly embarrass yourselves, enjoy that ridiculously low bar set by your peers.

    Chris Flaherty
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    Are you ******* stupid?
    October 10, 2013 | 03:54 PM


    One doctor does something seriously wrong and you blame the entire profession as well as 3 other unrelated professions? Way to set the Harrison County Intelligence Bar...

    Straight Shooter
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    Not stupid, just aware.
    October 11, 2013 | 11:19 AM

    To Straight Shooter, who apparently only does your shooting from anonymity and ignorance, please review the following.


    Feb 2013 (Corydon) Dr. Kelty's office raided by Harrison County Prosecutor's Office and the Indiana Attorney General's Office, later charged with 21 felonies.

    Oct 2013 (Corydon) Dr. Dobyns charged with first-degree wanton endangerment for pointing a gun at another motorist (on camera)

    Law enforcement:

    2008-2009, (Corydon) Sheriff Michael Deatrick. I shouldn't have to explain the details of this years long fiasco. Were you locked in your room while this went on?

    Sept 2010 - (Corydon) 3 Harrison county corrections officers - Zachariah (Nathan) Adams, 25, of Depauw, Ind., was charged with battery, a Class C felony, criminal recklessness, a Class D felony, and a misdemeanor count of battery.
    Sheila K. Barber, 55, of Corydon, Ind., and Ross Timberlake, 30, of Depauw, Ind., both were charged with two counts of assisting a criminal, a Class D felony.

    Sept 2010, Grand Jury indicts Harrison county police officer John A. Britton for Assisting a Suicide, C Felony.

    Elected officials:

    Deatrick, of course.

    Nov 2012 (Palmyra) A grand jury has indicted three town officials on welfare fraud and misconduct charges for allegedly conspiring with two other people to defraud the state of unemployment benefits.


    March 2013 - Harrison County Deputy Prosecutor Shawn J. Donahue was arrested and charged with Class C felony welfare fraud and Class D felony theft.

    August 2011 - Corydon attorney Leah Fink charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and several other drug-related offenses.

    To Straight Shooter: I don't know if this list is complete, as I only spent about 15 minutes researching the last 4 years. I presume that's about how long you spent writing your work of art.

    If you actually read my first post, I didn't "blame the entire profession as well as 3 other unrelated professions." I simply implied that for a county of less than 40,000 residents, there seems to be a disproportionate number of missteps by Harrison county's doctors, law enforcement, elected leaders, and attorneys. Seriously, Straight Shooter, who is ******* stupid?

    Chris Flaherty
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    Seriously Chris!!!???
    October 11, 2013 | 11:30 AM

    I cannot believe what I just read. I think the only thing seriously wrong in this county is letting someone with the intelligence of a "tree stump" make a comment like that in a public forum. Unbelievable!!!

    No Tolerance for Stupidity
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    Re: Embarrassing
    October 11, 2013 | 11:37 AM

    The only one that should be embarrassed is YOU Chris for showing your ridiculously low intelligence for a comment like that.

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    Calling it like it is
    October 11, 2013 | 12:03 PM

    It looks like Chris is only calling it like it is. All of those instances in his letter are true. I'm not sure why others on this post are being so nasty. He wasn't bashing anyone who didn't do anything wrong or saying there aren't good people in Harrison county. He was only saying that we have a lot of high profile professionals who put us on the map for all the wrong reasons. It was the only intelligent thing said in this whole thing. Actually, it looks like the other three letters are written by the same person, lol.

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    October 11, 2013 | 12:08 PM

    Amen, Chris Flaherty

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    Seeing Both Sides
    October 11, 2013 | 01:40 PM

    There is no doubt that the instances Mr. Flaherty referred to in his post did in fact occur but...there are many professionals living in Harrison County who DO NOT (and using Mr. Flaherty's words) regularly embarrass themselves and DO NOT enjoy the ridiculously low bar set by their peers. This came across as somewhat insulting to the good people of Harrison County who work in these professions as well as the good people of Harrison County that trusted these "embarrassments". I do not fault Mr. Flaherty for his honesty and opinion...I just believe he could have chosen his words a little more wisely in his first posting because I can see where some would be offended. And was sad that a few "bad apples" made it look bad for the county as a whole but I believe we are definitely on the road to recovery. Thank you for clarifying your post Mr. Flaherty.

    Open Minded and Fair
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    READ, please
    October 11, 2013 | 02:34 PM

    Anyone who actually read the first post objectively should have immediately understood that Mr. Flaherty was NOT pointing any fingers at the professionals who are excellent in their positions. I'm tired of knee jerk reactions from ANONYMOUS people who don't take the time to actually read the post! If several professionals from one community disgrace themselves, do they not set the bar low for everyone else? Of course they do! I'm sure any educated professional in the groups Mr. Flaherty discussed had no problem comprehending what he was saying. Can you imagine the water-cooler chats by Corydon attorneys? "Well, I don't cook meth and I don't commit welfare fraud, so I'm already in the top 50% of local attorneys." Lighten up!

    Nick Kantzer
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    2 doctors
    October 14, 2013 | 11:34 AM

    Because 2 doctors made bad decisions, the other 200 are somehow dumber for it. I wouldn't call 1% several, more like a few. Following the same logic, the 100 people that were arrested for dealing drugs mean that all Harrison countians are drug dealers. The little girl at McDonald's forgot my fries once. So everyone that works in fast food is too stupid to look in a bag and go fries and sandwich, check, or is it just the blonde ones? Wanna go a step farther and make generalizations against races?

    Straight Shooter
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    More crooked shooting from anonymous moron!
    October 14, 2013 | 05:45 PM

    Chris Flaherty did not say other doctors were dumber, only that the bar in Harrison county was a little lower because of the few idiots. OMG, can you not read?? Seriously, you have to be the worst contributor to this whole newspaper! Please, please try to actually respond to what has been written, instead of just vomiting anything that comes to mind! 200 doctors for 40,000 residents.. that's 500 per 100,000. That's more than twice the state average. Did you make that up, too?

    Nick Kantzer
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    October 15, 2013 | 11:03 AM

    Nick & Chris....just stop.

    Apparently, reading comprehension and being able to draw conclusions are not up to peashooters intellect.

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    October 15, 2013 | 05:39 PM

    I stopped several days ago.

    Chris Flaherty
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