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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 05:10 AM
Issue of October 22, 2014

Low minimum wage bad for women, families, business

My Opinion

As a small business owner myself, I don't see the logic in business people arguing against increasing the minimum wage....more >>

County continues to evolve

In the past week, I've talked with a former Corydon business owner and one who is looking to open a service-provider business in the downtown area. Both wondered what is happening with what might initially seem like an abandonment of the business district....more >>

Recent Opinions
Sheriff request should be received favorably
My Opinion
February 11, 2014
Harrison County Sheriff Rodney (Rod) Seelye provided rock-solid data last week to the Harrison County Board of Commissioners to support the addition of a least a couple new police officers. ...more >>
Visualize your life 10 years from now
Community conversations
February 11, 2014
I just got off the phone with a friend who was calling from his winter home in Florida, where it’s considerably warmer (my ankles are bone cold from working in the draft that flows through my office). During some light social conversation amidst our business, the topic of our destinations for senior winter living came up. ...more >>
Council makes right choice to subsidize budget
My Opinion
February 04, 2014
The Harrison County Council gave a report last week about the financial standing of the taxpayer-supported county General Fund which began the year with a surplus of $1.19 million. A number of people had issues with the way it made it to that figure with the help of the county’s community fund at the Harrison County Community Foundation. ...more >>
Corydon display features 35 flags
Celebrating Statehood
February 04, 2014
There have been 35 different flags fly over Corydon during the town’s history. ...more >>
Case allows chips to fall where they may
January 28, 2014
In a poker tournament, there are decisive advantages to holding most of the chips, not the least of which is being able to put others in a position where they know, if they want to continue in a hand, they are going to have to play for their tournament lives. The players with fewer chips will often fold a marginal hand for nothing else than self-preservation. ...more >>
Alberto's Italian Restaurant
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