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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 07:42 PM
Issue of October 29, 2014

HCCF offers boost for students

My Opinion

There are many ways in which riverboat money has been used to improve the quality of life for Harrison County residents, but perhaps few can compare to the recent decision by the Harrison County Community Foundation to fund all-day preschool classes for the county's children who come from lower-income (free and reduced lunch) families....more >>

Pain or peace?

Community conversations

It is amazing how, in a big, wide world with complex issues and ever-expanding opportunities, it is sometimes the little things that affect us most. I speak now of the dreaded insect commonly referred to as the "no-seeums."...more >>

Recent Opinions
Epperson leaves CVB in good shape
My Opinion
October 01, 2013
After more than a decade of calling downtown Corydon his home away from home, now former Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau executive director Jim Epperson has officially moved east to take the same position at The Sunny Side of Louisville. ...more >>
Blue River once home to sawmills
Celebrating Statehood
October 01, 2013
Did you know there were 13 mills along Blue River from Totten Ford Bridge down to the mouth of the Blue River where it empties into the Ohio River? ...more >>
Compensation plan eases budget stress for council
My Opinion
September 24, 2013
The Harrison County Council should be commended for its work regarding the county employee compensation plan. While the plan took about two years to complete and was rather expensive, it is something that can be used for at least a number of years to help with the budget process and to provide credibility for salary issues. ...more >>
Conflicts of time and space
Community conversations
September 24, 2013
No wonder we all feel a little frazzled these days. We seem to have time and space all intermingled in a confusing flux. This morning, as I tried to make sense out of the clutter on my calendar and in my computer, I found the oddest mix of things that were going on in our world at the same time. ...more >>
Donít sacrifice beauty, charm for a sign
My Opinion
September 17, 2013
The Corydon Planning and Zoning Commission walks a fine line when it comes to preserving what many people, including tourists, enjoy about historic downtown Corydon and what retailers want in terms of getting people, including tourists, in their stores. Unfortunately, the line isnít exactly straight. ...more >>
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