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Mon, Sep 15, 2014 05:36 AM
Issue of September 10, 2014

Council hears budget recommendations

County engineer requests raise, has outside offer

The Harrison County Council Monday night — as it does each year before delving into the line-by-line budget — heard recommendations from financial adviser Frank Cummings about the requested budget from county departments....more >>

Statewide admissions down for casinos

County will see less revenue

For the first time since Harrison County began receiving riverboat gaming revenue funding, the fully capped amount of $23 million-plus will not be reached this year....more >>

Special judge approved in double-murder case

A change of venue hearing for accused murderers Austin Scott and Kevin (Drew) Schuler Thursday in Harrison Superior Court didn't happen. Instead, both the prosecution and defense teams for the defendants approved Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 Judge Vicki Carmichael as special judge....more >>

Appeals court upholds ruling in Lee case

A Depauw woman convicted by a jury last November of neglect of a dependent and four counts of cruelty to an animal appealed her conviction and had her case reviewed by the Court of Appeals of Indiana....more >>

Heritage festival marks fall's 'unofficial' start

The official "unofficial" kickoff for fall will take place this weekend as the 39th Lanesville Heritage Weekend starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. with an antique tractor pull and continues through Sunday with the final event, a free concert by the Monarchs....more >>

Bosler becomes 3x Classic champ

NH boys win team title

For the third time in her stellar career, North Harrison harrier Ashton Bosler left the competition in her dust at the Cougar Classic North Harrison Invitational....more >>

Kessinger to join Trees

Panther forward verbally commits to Indiana State

Bronson Kessinger isn't afraid to admit how hard the basketball recruiting process is....more >>

Creek's late miscues favor Panthers, 28-21

Putting a helmet on the ball, combined with a workhorse load for running back Josh Allen, led to a comeback win Friday night for Corydon Central in Sellersburg....more >>

Sam's best not enough

NH falls 41-38 on late TD

If only high school football had instant replay. As the clock ticked down under 10 seconds Friday night in Ramsey, with the home team ahead 38-35, Salem hurriedly lined up at the 9-yard line and got the snap off before the clock hit 0:00....more >>

Panthers-Eagles draw on pitch

Four goals were scored between Corydon Central and Lanesville in the first half Monday on the Eagles' soccer field....more >>


Plenty of failure to go around

My Opinion

Three-time Pro Bowl and 2012 Super Bowl champion running back Ray Rice failed earlier this year when he hit his future wife not once, but twice, the second of which caused his fiancée to hit her head on a handrail, knocking her out....more >>

Roll up your sleeves, Labor Day's over

Community conversations

So, what are you doing these days after Labor Day? Probably your kids are back in school, you have put your summer whites away for the winter and your favorite football teams are again banging into each other on the gridiron. Labor Day has become the last hurrah of the summer and the gateway to autumn....more >>

A hope note

Grandparenting with a 'fresh child heart'

Most of us probably learn to grandparent the way we learned to parent: trial and error, imitation or some of both. I aspire to imitate a wonderful grandfather I had. I also admire Carl Sandburg’s ...more
A hope note

Good vs. Bad

Do you live in a "Star Trek" or a "Star Wars" universe? Gene Roddenberry, creator of "Star Trek," was a consummate optimist. He said: "I believe in humanity. We’re growing up; we’re moving ...more
A hope note

School lessons

Earlier this month, two of our grandchildren climbed aboard the big yellow school bus for the first time. One of those rites of passage, it’s often harder for parents to watch than for children ...more
A hope note

Infection-fighting pioneers

Next time you count your blessings, you might want to acknowledge the debt we owe to Joseph Lister and Alexander Fleming. Before Lister, physicians were unaware that infections were caused by microorganisms. ...more
A hope note

Grounded in discovery

Three of the greatest discoveries of our time were right under our feet all the time. In 1947, a shepherd boy searching in the Judean desert for a stray goat accidentally discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. ...more
A hope note

That 'green-eyed monster'

There was a man who was constantly asking God for favors. One day, God said: "OK, I’m going to grant you whatever you want, but with one condition: whatever you get, your neighbors get double." "No ...more
A hope note

The Great Disconnect

A car salesman the other day told me that in five years cars will no longer be built with CD players because we’ll be getting all our music and audio books through our smartphones. It’s hard ...more
A hope note

Taking stock

Sequoyah, the great Cherokee leader, inventor of an alphabet for his people, never became a chief because he was born with a club foot. Only the unblemished, according to Cherokee standards, could ever ...more
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