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Thu, Aug 21, 2014 12:20 AM
Issue of August 13, 2014

'World' could come to an end

Drizzle didn't keep festival-goers away

A membership drive by the Ku Klux Klan in Corydon in 1999 helped start Community Unity, a grass-roots group of citizens who developed a plan to unite the community in a spirit of peaceful conflict resolution. A year after the KKK's visit — which was deemed a failure — the first World on the Square took place on the square in downtown Corydon, with the goal of encouraging children and youth to respect and appreciate people with diverse backgrounds....more >>

Public meeting set for MAC plant

There will be a public meeting next week concerning the proposed MAC Construction and Excavating Inc. asphalt plant in northern Harrison County....more >>

Council approves $345K for 4-H barn

The Harrison County Council Monday night unanimously approved $345,000 for a new 4-H show barn at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon....more >>

Neighbors object to highway garage site

Laconia plan gets OK

Residents next to and near the property purchased for a new Harrison County highway garage voiced opposition to the plan at Thursday night's meeting of the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission....more >>

HCCF awards $650,729 in grants

Fifteen not-for-profit agencies received the news last week, a month early, from the Harrison County Community Foundation that they had been selected to receive grants, totaling $650,729, during the fall cycle....more >>

Fault: wind; SC''s courts suffer damage

Baseball fence bent by storm

Eight days before the first official day of practice for the new athletic calendar, a storm packed with heavy winds wrecked havoc on a pair of athletic facilities at South Central Junior-Senior High School....more >>

Basketball tourney proposal presented to IHSAA committee

The final proposal to alter the state basketball tournaments was presented to the IHSAA Executive Committee last week for its consideration....more >>


Finished product worth 'ugly' work

My Opinion

The massive infrastructure overhaul on the square in downtown Corydon will undoubtedly be a headache and an eyesore for most of 2015. Instead of being met by the beautiful, limestone First State Capitol Building and plush green grass on the square, when people come through the town they'll likely be met with construction fencing, dirt, mud and all sorts of other unsightly things that will make the square look like a war zone as the 10-month project takes place next year....more >>

The poison of tyranny

Community conversations

It has been one of those perfectly lovely summer mornings in our garden. The sun is bright, the air is cool and flowers are in full bloom with the promise of even more color in the days ahead. It is tempting to push aside the seriousness that lies just beyond the borders of my comfortable world. All that war and suffering in the Middle East and former Soviet countries seems so far away....more >>

A hope note

Infection-fighting pioneers

Next time you count your blessings, you might want to acknowledge the debt we owe to Joseph Lister and Alexander Fleming. Before Lister, physicians were unaware that infections were caused by microorganisms. ...more
A hope note

Grounded in discovery

Three of the greatest discoveries of our time were right under our feet all the time. In 1947, a shepherd boy searching in the Judean desert for a stray goat accidentally discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. ...more
A hope note

That 'green-eyed monster'

There was a man who was constantly asking God for favors. One day, God said: "OK, I’m going to grant you whatever you want, but with one condition: whatever you get, your neighbors get double." "No ...more
A hope note

The Great Disconnect

A car salesman the other day told me that in five years cars will no longer be built with CD players because we’ll be getting all our music and audio books through our smartphones. It’s hard ...more
A hope note

Taking stock

Sequoyah, the great Cherokee leader, inventor of an alphabet for his people, never became a chief because he was born with a club foot. Only the unblemished, according to Cherokee standards, could ever ...more
A hope note


"The self-made man." Was it Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Horatio Alger or Andrew Carnegie who first claimed to be self-made? The critically-acclaimed television show "Shark ...more
A hope note

Overcoming our odysseys

"No quest is worth pursuing that does not require you to pass many tests and take numerous risks. The hardest tests of all show how determined you are to live your dream and how strong your heart really ...more
A hope note

Independence, indeed

Three memories come to me when I think about Independence Day. The first two you would expect from an old history buff. The 1776 Declaration of Independence seemed foolish, if not crazy, to most of the ...more
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Golf New Salisbury Club Championship, 8.3.14

Football  North Harrison practice, 8.14.14

Football  Corydon practice, 8.18.14

Volleyball  Meade County at Corydon, 8.18.14

The Legends Championship, Pete Dye Course, 8.15.14

Crowe Brothers perform at Bluegrass on the Square, 7.26.14

Crowe Brothers perform at Bluegrass on the Square

Hayswood Theatre production of "The King and I" 7.20.14

Homemakers' cherry pie contest at the Harrison County Fair

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