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Sat, Nov 01, 2014 03:35 AM
Issue of October 29, 2014

2015 budget in the books

The Harrison County Council Monday night officially adopted the 2015 budget, after completing the second public reading of the fund totals....more >>

Don't forget your ID

Voters are reminded that they will need to present a government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot....more >>

Parks see 'best year ever'

Requests nearly $29K to finish year

Harrison County Parks Director Rand Heazlitt informed the Harrison County Council during its Oct. 14 meeting that revenue for the parks in 2014 has surpassed any previous year on record....more >>

Proposed CAFO ordinance denied

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners, in a special meeting yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, voted 3-0 to deny the proposed CAFO ordinance....more >>

Vanguard closes season at state final

Marching Cougars, Wolfpack prepare for semi-state

One marching band closed its season Saturday while two others are putting finishing touches on theirs....more >>

Statehouse seats up for grabs

Voters will get to choose who will represent them in the Indiana Statehouse. On the ballot for the Senate District 47 seat are the incumbent, Richard Young, a Democrat, and Erin Houchin, a Republican. Vying for the Representative District 70 seat are the incumbent, Rhonda J. Rhoads, a Republican, and Heidi Sellers, a Democrat. Incumbent Steve Davisson, a Republican, is being challenged by Democrat Steve Leatherbury for the Representative District 73 seat....more >>

Time to 'fall back'

Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour to Eastern Standard Time Saturday night. Daylight Saving Time officially ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 2....more >>

Cougs shut down Salem, advance

Win avenges regular season loss to Lions

The North Harrison Cougars put a complete game together Friday night in Ramsey to secure a 16-0 first-round sectional victory over Salem....more >>

Cougar harriers, Bosler advance to state meet

FC's girls, Heinz also earn spots

The sun beamed down on the Brown County cross country course Saturday morning, raising the temperature about 25 degrees warmer than what runners from the sectional and regional meets had the two weeks before. Temperatures then had been in the upper 40s to low 50s. That might have been one of the reasons for a little slower times at the Brown County semi-state, where many hoped to advance on to Saturday's state meet....more >>

Pirates close door on CC

Corydon Central entered the postseason banged up....more >>

Revenge puts Lady Eagles in title match

Lanesville then falls to CAI in championship

Lanesville's eight seniors had a grudge match to hold up....more >>

SC's turnaround season ends

If there was a database to track single-season turnarounds in volleyball across the state, South Central would likely be a contender for the best change in the win column....more >>

Lady Panthers go 1-1 during sectional play

Steam past Pirates, fall to SC

The Corydon Central volleyball team was able to reach the semi-final of the Class 3A Charlestown Sectional, defeating the host Lady Pirates Thursday in the opening round. Saturday, however, the Lady Panthers dropped a three-set match to Silver Creek, ending their season....more >>


Park plan grand but better with pool

My Opinion

The Harrison County Parks Dept. has a plan to make South Harrison Park the crown jewel of all the parks within the county....more >>

A hope note

Getting to 'love at last glance'

Many years ago, I heard this comment from a journalist who had been married for more than 50 years: "Love at first glance is grand, but love at last glance is wonderful." I find two pearls in that statement. ...more
A hope note

Kind acts

"Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not" —Samuel Johnson Theologian Fred Craddock said that most people think charity is about dropping $10 or $100 or $1,000 in the collection plate ...more
A hope note

Distracted driving, then and now

In 1955, my parents bought our first-ever brand-new car. The choices in our little town were a Ford, a Chevrolet or a Plymouth. My dad bought a blue-and-white Chevy. We had no idea that it would become ...more
A hope note

Love story

Zeus, chief of the gods, and Mercury, god of wayfarers and strangers, bored with eating ambrosia and sipping nectar all day on Mount Olympus, decided to descend to Earth to see first-hand how mortals ...more
Read Ross

UofL: Harrison County’s team?

When it comes to college football, Harrison County fan allegiance lies with the Louisville Cardinals, according to an interactive map by zip code from The New York Times. In the county’s largest ...more
A hope note

Wedding tales

Not all weddings are created equal. Some you remember when you’re old and bald. I attended one such wedding last weekend. It was outdoors on the most glorious day any September bride could have ...more
A hope note

Action speaks

Debra Auerbach, authority on landing a job, says that employers usually spend less than two minutes reading a resumé. They are scanning for words and phrases they like or dislike. Clichés and ...more
A hope note

Power and humility

An elderly man in the Washington, D.C., airport boarded one of those trains that connects you to another flight on the other side of the airport. There was standing room only. Holding onto a strap overhead, ...more
A hope note

Grandparenting with a 'fresh child heart'

Most of us probably learn to grandparent the way we learned to parent: trial and error, imitation or some of both. I aspire to imitate a wonderful grandfather I had. I also admire Carl Sandburg’s ...more
A hope note

Good vs. Bad

Do you live in a "Star Trek" or a "Star Wars" universe? Gene Roddenberry, creator of "Star Trek," was a consummate optimist. He said: "I believe in humanity. We’re growing up; we’re moving ...more
A hope note

School lessons

Earlier this month, two of our grandchildren climbed aboard the big yellow school bus for the first time. One of those rites of passage, it’s often harder for parents to watch than for children ...more
A hope note

Infection-fighting pioneers

Next time you count your blessings, you might want to acknowledge the debt we owe to Joseph Lister and Alexander Fleming. Before Lister, physicians were unaware that infections were caused by microorganisms. ...more
A hope note

Grounded in discovery

Three of the greatest discoveries of our time were right under our feet all the time. In 1947, a shepherd boy searching in the Judean desert for a stray goat accidentally discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. ...more
A hope note

That 'green-eyed monster'

There was a man who was constantly asking God for favors. One day, God said: "OK, I’m going to grant you whatever you want, but with one condition: whatever you get, your neighbors get double." "No ...more
A hope note

The Great Disconnect

A car salesman the other day told me that in five years cars will no longer be built with CD players because we’ll be getting all our music and audio books through our smartphones. It’s hard ...more
A hope note

Taking stock

Sequoyah, the great Cherokee leader, inventor of an alphabet for his people, never became a chief because he was born with a club foot. Only the unblemished, according to Cherokee standards, could ever ...more
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Halloween parade, 10.25.14

Volleyball – Lanesville vs. Christian Academy, 10.25.14

Volleyball – North Harrison vs. Madison, 10.25.14

Football – Corydon at Charlestown, 10.24.14

Football – Salem at North Harrison, 10.24.14

Volleyball – South Central vs. Rock Creek Academy, 10.23.14

Volleyball – North Harrison vs. Scottsburg, 10.21.14

Volleyball – Corydon vs. Silver Creek, 10.25.14

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