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Sat, Aug 23, 2014 11:20 AM
Issue of August 20, 2014

Boys & Girls Club begins major fundraising push

The next few months will be busy for the Boys & Girls Club of Harrison-Crawford Counties, as the organization has several events planned, beginning this weekend with a demolition derby, not only to raise funds, but community awareness....more >>

Davis resigns to accept new position

A month after removing his name from the 2014 General Election ballot, Harrison County Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis officially announced that he is stepping down as judge, effective Saturday at noon....more >>

County approves zone change for highway garage

Before property zoning changes become official, the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission has to send them to the Harrison County Board of Commissioners to approve or deny. So when the plan commission sends a zoning change requested by the county commissioners to the county commissioners, there isn't much about doubt whether it'll be approved....more >>

Kendall decides 28-1/2 years is 'plenty'

Kitterman named new police chief

Jim Kendall said being a police officer is all he's wanted to do as a professional career....more >>

Sec. of State aims for accurate voter registration

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson recently released results about the voter list refresh project, an attempt to update voter registration information throughout the state....more >>

School board candidate filing ends noon Friday

Potential school board candidates at any of the three Harrison County school corporations have a couple more days to sign up to run. The deadline to file is Friday at noon....more >>

Democrats promote education, working class, bi-partisanship

The Harrison County Democrat Party hosted the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Saturday night at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School with more than 160 gathered to hear from local and state candidates, elected officials and keynote speaker Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of Public Instruction....more >>

Panthers set to establish depth

Pigskin Preview

Depth has become a key goal to build during the preseason as the Corydon Central football team, coming off a 6-4 campaign in 2013, heads into the new gridiron year....more >>

Cougars seek to keep momentum

Trajectory for the North Harrison High School football program has trended upward in two brief seasons under the direction of coach Mark Williamson....more >>

Young Lady Panthers drop opener

Toeing the service line, the volleyball season commenced Monday throughout the state....more >>


Answers not always easy to come by

Unless you've been living on a deserted island with no Internet service, there are two events that have captured our attention. Both have many of us seeking answers, wondering why....more >>

A hope note

Infection-fighting pioneers

Next time you count your blessings, you might want to acknowledge the debt we owe to Joseph Lister and Alexander Fleming. Before Lister, physicians were unaware that infections were caused by microorganisms. ...more
A hope note

Grounded in discovery

Three of the greatest discoveries of our time were right under our feet all the time. In 1947, a shepherd boy searching in the Judean desert for a stray goat accidentally discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls. ...more
A hope note

That 'green-eyed monster'

There was a man who was constantly asking God for favors. One day, God said: "OK, I’m going to grant you whatever you want, but with one condition: whatever you get, your neighbors get double." "No ...more
A hope note

The Great Disconnect

A car salesman the other day told me that in five years cars will no longer be built with CD players because we’ll be getting all our music and audio books through our smartphones. It’s hard ...more
A hope note

Taking stock

Sequoyah, the great Cherokee leader, inventor of an alphabet for his people, never became a chief because he was born with a club foot. Only the unblemished, according to Cherokee standards, could ever ...more
A hope note


"The self-made man." Was it Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Horatio Alger or Andrew Carnegie who first claimed to be self-made? The critically-acclaimed television show "Shark ...more
A hope note

Overcoming our odysseys

"No quest is worth pursuing that does not require you to pass many tests and take numerous risks. The hardest tests of all show how determined you are to live your dream and how strong your heart really ...more
A hope note

Independence, indeed

Three memories come to me when I think about Independence Day. The first two you would expect from an old history buff. The 1776 Declaration of Independence seemed foolish, if not crazy, to most of the ...more
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Corydon Instant Print

Golf New Salisbury Club Championship, 8.3.14

Football  North Harrison practice, 8.14.14

Football  Corydon practice, 8.18.14

Volleyball  Meade County at Corydon, 8.18.14

The Legends Championship, Pete Dye Course, 8.15.14

Crowe Brothers perform at Bluegrass on the Square, 7.26.14

Crowe Brothers perform at Bluegrass on the Square

Hayswood Theatre production of "The King and I" 7.20.14

Homemakers' cherry pie contest at the Harrison County Fair

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